Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I decided today that there are just a few things in my life right now that I am just NOT ready for!!

1. SO not ready for my little guy to be thinking he is SO big. He hates crawling on the tile so he stink bug crawls and we think it is hilarious to watch. He also has been pulling himself up to things and walking around things for a few weeks now, and I am just not ready for it all. He is my baby. He is suppose to stay small. Not only do I hate them growing up fast, but the faster they grow up means the sooner I have to have another one. And I am NOT ready for another one:)

My little stink bug
Already starting to get into everything

My Mr. Blue Eyes!!

#2. I am not ready for winter to be over. The weather has been so nice around here lately and it makes me sad, sad, sad! I LoVe the winter, the snow, and the cold weather. (I am ready for my kids to be able to play outside though:) I hope it snows at least one more time!!

#3. I am not ready for my husband to start working in the valley again! Work has been aweful around here, so the majority of his work has been down there. I HATE IT!! I love having a hard working man for a husband, but I do NOT like it when he is gone for multiple reasons!! I am grateful though that he still has a job!

#4. I am not ready to do my taxes!! We have an appointment to do our taxes next week and I am not at all ready. It is going to take me days to get it all together.

#5. I am not ready to do the 25 loads of laundry that I am behind on.

#6. But most of all...I am NOT ready for this man to be our new president. I know...ready or not, here he comes!! The man scares the hell out of me. I guess it isn't so much him, but whoever is behind him. But honestly the biggest thing...I am not ready for HER to be our first lady. I loved Laura Bush, didn't always agree with her hubby, but she had class. Lots of it. So my heart is kind of sad today.

Hang on America, we are in for a treat and a wild ride!!! May God have mercy on us all:)!!!!

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Mandy said...

Boy oh boy can I agree with you on many of your "so not ready for's." The only reason I'm ready for summer is that means this semester is over. This new "First Lady" is going to be interesting to say the least...

Your baby boy is too sweet. Those EYES, THOSE EYES, watch out girls...

stephanie said...

I agree!!!! I couldn't watch any of the stuff on tv yesterday, it made me sick. Enjoy all those little boys, because before you know it they go on their mission. Then they come home all grown up. I still cry :(

Dawna Greer said...

Ditto to your "so not ready for"'s, especially the last. Truer words were never spoken. Your little boy is so adorable.

Matt and Jessica said...

Kambry does the same thing on our tile if she has her pants off. It's sad but it's the funniest thing to watch her with her little stink bug butt!!!

Amy said...

I agree with #6!