Saturday, January 3, 2009

GiRlS dAy OuT!!

My awesome friend, Mandi, was visting from Idaho so we decided to have a girls day out! We started off by having lunch at Grumpy Jake's(YUM YUM). Marcie and Charlene met us for lunch and it was good to hang with them. After lunch we decided to go BOWLING. I haven't been bowling in years!! It was a BlAsT!!! As much as I love my kids and hubby, it is always good to get a break occasionally.
Side note...I had barely got to Phoenix Park Wash when I got a call from Brandon telling me that Paul had climbed up on the counter and drank one of Nicholas' contacts:) Nicholas had stayed the night since Carly was having a "Tea Party" with all her little cousins and he had forgot his contact holder. I told him to put them in two little medicine cups and to put the up HIGH!! I seriously invisioned by boys getting them and drinking them. happened!! He put them in the window sill (obviously my definition of high is different then his. I was thinking like on top of the entertainment center or maybe on top of a shelf). Anyway, the kids were eating breakfast and Paul climbed up there and saw that they had water in them and drank one!! I seriously laughed my fanny off. Nicholas didn't think it was too funny!!

Mandi and I...Mandi - you rock!!
Tomena and Mandi

The final score!! Yep...guess who the winner was! I think that is the highest I ever scored:)

I am such a goof!

Beautiful Mandi

Tomena..."Why can't I ever get a strike!"

Thanks girls for the good time!!!

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Jonathan and Mandi Crandell said...

Haha. That was So fun! I'm kind of embarrassed that you posted my terrible score. I'll have to practice before our rematch. Thanks for the laughs.