Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Dad Martineau...

 Dad and Mom Martineau came to visit for a couple weeks in April...while they were here we celebrated Dad Martineau's 58th Bday!!  We had a BBQ and invited some family over.  After what we have been through with Dad Martineau having a heart attack a couple months back and then going into congestive heart failure in February....we were EXTREMELY grateful he was here with us to celebrate another birthday!!

The kids going for a walk around the block with Grandpa Martineau

 Dad Tenney, Aunt Debbie Muder, Dad Martineau, Mom Martineau, Aunt Kim Sanders, and Aunt Michelle Muder

 Look @ all those candles...we were surprised it didn't set the fire alarm off:)

 Dad Martineau giving his lungs a good work out!

Grandpa Martineau and his girl Maron

 A girl couldn't ask for better examples in her life than these 4 people.  I have been extremely blessed and I thank my Heavenly Father daily for their influence in my life!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Piano Recital...

Tristen, Eval, and Porter participated in a piano recital.  They have the best teacher EVER!!  Aunt Jami does a great job at teaching these kids.  I'm very proud of our kiddos and how much they work at this talent!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break...Part 2

 The last 3 days of spring break we headed up to Ogden Utah to attend Brandon's brother Caleb's wedding.  We had a great time and are super excited for Caleb and Joy!!

The Groom and Bride

We also had time to meet up with some good friends and of course had time to eat good food:)

 Brandon and Maron at Farr Better Icecream...and yes it IS far better than any I've ever eaten.  We plan our vacations around this place:)

 Got to visit our good friend Mitchell Herzog
 And got to eat dinner with Andrew & Macie Page

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break Vegas Style...Part 1

We had an amazing Spring Break this year spending time in Las Vegas with Dad and Mom Martineau and some of Brandon's other family members.  We stayed at our time share and the kids got to swim their little hearts out. 

Grandma Martineau with Mallori and Adi
Porter, Tristen, Amelia, and Carissa
Dusty and I going to see Hunger Games
 Dad Martineau catchin some sun!
Mallori and Adi 
Tristen, Maron, Brandon, Michael, Eva, Me, Porter, and Amelia at the top of the Stratisphere!! 
Daddy and his baby girl 
 Carissa and I...So grateful this amazing young lady went with us!  She is such an amazing example and we are  blessed to have her in our lives!
My sexy beast and I