Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Dad Martineau...

 Dad and Mom Martineau came to visit for a couple weeks in April...while they were here we celebrated Dad Martineau's 58th Bday!!  We had a BBQ and invited some family over.  After what we have been through with Dad Martineau having a heart attack a couple months back and then going into congestive heart failure in February....we were EXTREMELY grateful he was here with us to celebrate another birthday!!

The kids going for a walk around the block with Grandpa Martineau

 Dad Tenney, Aunt Debbie Muder, Dad Martineau, Mom Martineau, Aunt Kim Sanders, and Aunt Michelle Muder

 Look @ all those candles...we were surprised it didn't set the fire alarm off:)

 Dad Martineau giving his lungs a good work out!

Grandpa Martineau and his girl Maron

 A girl couldn't ask for better examples in her life than these 4 people.  I have been extremely blessed and I thank my Heavenly Father daily for their influence in my life!!

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