Sunday, December 28, 2014

Annual Family Christmas Party...

 This year our family Christmas party was hosted by Jami and Tim.  We started a new tradition by having an ugly sweater competition.  I of course being a Bahumbug didn't even have the energy to think about wearing a sweater but it was lots of fun getting to see everyone in theirs!! Ben's was my favorite!!

 Partridge in a Hair Tree....hahahahaha

 Couldn't stop laughing!
 Gotta LOVE Ben and Tara!!!

 Of course my moms was all fancy

And then there was Dave's...
 Don't get much better than that!

 Jake and Courtney

 Jody and Chantel...loved Jody's son of a Nutcracker sweater!

 Jami and Tim
 Trav and Kalee
 Trav of course always keeps us laughing...I have the funniest siblings!!

All of us together!!  
I love this party more than others because no kids are allowed and it's just us siblings and spouses and my mom getting to bond and make memories!! Thanks Jami and Tim for the AWESOME night!!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve Pjs, & Christmas Morning...

 My kids always love getting their new pjs on Christmas Eve.  We also decided to by the elders some new pjs too!!

As you can see from the picture below...Santa found us and spoiled us this year!!  Too bad it doesn't last looking like this for very long!!
 I was raised with the tradition that you line up youngest to oldest to enter the Family room!
 Ready to go!!
They were good sports for letting me get a goofy pic too!!  I love torturing them by making them wait a little bit longer!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Maryssa's Farewell...

 Wisconsin is one lucky place to be getting such a beautiful young lady as a sister missionary!!  This girl has been my right hand for many years.  I swear she can handle my 12 kids better than I can!!  It was super sad to see her go but know that she will be an amazing missionary for the next 18 months as she dedicates her life to The Lord!  

We Love and Miss you Sister Tenney!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More Christmas Happenings...

As much as I LOVE Christmas I have learned to dread the month of December.  It seems as if there is hardly any down time.  Here are a few more of our Pre-Christmas happenings...

 These kids had Choir and Orchestra Concerts

 Set up Grandma Sharon's Christmas Tree

 More Christmas Concerts

 Went and visited Grandma Sue and Papa Charlie

Went and sang Christmas carols for Family Home Evening at my Dad's grave

 And of course School Assemblies!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Nativity...

 Love spending time with family over the holiday.  One of my favorite get togethers is getting to reenact the Christmas Nativity out at my mom's.  It is quite the undertaking, but always worth the work.  I'm grateful for a mom who believes in keeping traditions alive!!! 

 Emma-The Star

 Getting ready

 Trey as Joseph
 Dallin the Donkey and Maryssa as Mary
 Cutest kids ever!

 Tristen, Nate, and Porter as the Three Wisemen

Love this photo of Dallin the Donkey!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Annual Couple Bunco Party...

 One of my favorite nights of the year!  I have been blessed with amazing friends!!

 Boston, Brian, Christin, LeAnna, Mitchell, Pam & Jesse

 Sam & Amanda

 Spencer & Kelli

The ugly Sweater Wearers!
Amanda, Melanie, Brian, Christin, Marcie, Kelli, Spencer, Emma, Ben, Jesse, and Pam