Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pinewood Derby...

 This is the first time in 5 years that I haven't been in charge of the pinewood derby!!!  I must admit that I enjoyed it a lot more from the stands!!(even though it's still not my favorite thing!)  We tried our usual bribing with the boys but they wouldn't have any of it.  Thank heavens Uncle Bruce took pity on us and decided to help the boys.  I made Bruce promise we wouldn't have any winners and what happens?  Yep, Zach took 1st!!!  So Zach is off to Districts this Saturday!! 

The Boys had a Blast...and that is what it's all about!!!
 Tough guy Caden
 Crazy Face Morgon!!
 Goofy Paul
 Caden, Brian, and Morgon
 Adrian, Tyton, Zach, and Kyson
 Caden getting ready to race

 Paul, Zach, Morgon, and Caden...doesn't Morgon look so happy??
Love this pic of Paul

Thursday, April 2, 2015

School Awards...

 Right before Spring Break they had an awards assembly out at Mtn. Meadows.  I was super proud of my kiddos!!  I'm one lucky mom!!

 Miles - Honor Roll
Caden -  Honor Roll
 Morgon - Honor Roll
 Mallori - Citizenship

 Miles - Most improved reader for his class
 Caden - most improved for his class
Boy do I love this little monkeys!!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

My Baby is 4....SAY WHAT??!!

 I am having a hard time believing that my baby girl is four years old already!!  It makes me stop and think of how my mom feels knowing her baby girl is almost 36:)  This little girl has brought more sunshine into our lives than I think she will ever know.  She is sassy, sweet, funny, loud, loves to sing, loves babies, is tender hearted, loves her best friends, and is super smart!  Oh and did I mention she is SUPER SPOILED!!!  The main thing she wanted for her birthday was for Jace to come to her birthday party.  She was so excited when he walked through the door!  Not to mention that he won her over with a Frozen Blanket!

 Tae, Maron, and Graci...BFF's Forever!

 Her Frozen cake that Aunt Tara made!

 Her dolly from aunt Jami
 She loves clothes
 Her new frozen bike!
 Her Frozen blanket from Jace
She was super happy that the next day she got to spend the day with Jace and got to go to her birthday lunch with him. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Zach's Bday...

 We celebrated Zach's 10th birthday before Brandon and I left for Utah.  I can't believe this little monkey is already 10!!  Zach adds so much life to our family.  He is full of that energy boys possess and is super athletic and loves to tease everyone!!  We love you Zachary Brandon!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Starting the Year off Right!!!...

 I told Brandon that all I wanted for Christmas was an entire week get away with just him.  It's been a LONG time that just the two of us have gone somewhere longer than just over night, AND we have NEVER left our kiddos for a whole week!!  We agreed that a week in Utah was what we wanted to do.  I caught a lot of flack for wanting to go to Utah but there are lots of reasons why I love to visit Utah...Family, Friends, and Amazingly Good Food!!

 The morning we you can tell by our faces we were excited!!(getting a pic of Brandon smiling is a rare occasion!)

I have been blessed with AMAZING in-laws.  They have blessed my life more than they will ever know!!
 We spent some time in Salt Lake and visited a Gun Store, found an awesome new book store, this really cool graffiti wall, and went to Ruth's Chris Steak House!

I kinda like this guy!!

 Words can't express how my heart feels!
Ruth's Chris is mine and my FIL's favorite place to eat so we take advantage of that every chance we get(which isn't very often)!

 Brandon, Wayne, and Uncle Jason

I think one of the best parts of this trip was getting to spend time with Brandon's family without all the kids.  They got to see a side to me that they normally don't get to see since I'm usually stressed out with the kids.  
 Dusty, Bodie, and Russ...Had so much fun with these guys!

 Got to know our nieces better!!

I told Brandon that I for sure wanted to go to the newly remodeled Ogden Temple.  It was BEAUTIFUL and just what I needed!!

 Spending one on one time with this guy is PRICELESS!!

 Colton Strong joined us at the temple

 We CAN'T go to Utah without shopping at Smith & Edwards.  We always spend more money that we should:)  But oh it's SOOOOO worth it!!

 I told Brandon that while we were there I wanted to see as many as my missionary boys as possible.  These kids hold a special place in my heart and each one has taught me valuable lessons!  They will forever be apart of our Family!!
 Herzog met us for dinner at Chili's and then of course we kept to our tradition of Farr Better Ice-cream(another reason I love Utah!)  Just love this kid!!

 We got to hang out with Strong quite a bit and we loved it!!  

 Of course we went and ate at Maddox!!  Strong and Baxter joined us!!  
(can you tell we like to eat)
 We had a good time at the Solomon Center bowling and miniature golfing!

 Baxter and I...such a funny kid!

 Strong and I

 Met up with Victor Miller for Breakfast the morning we headed south.

One of my favorite highlights was getting to spend a day with this beautiful friend of mine, Toni.  She has been battling breast cancer for a couple years now.  Her strength has inspired me.  Sure love this girl!! She is one of those friends that even though we go months without seeing each other we can pick up right where we left off!!
 Toni and I

On our way home we stopped and stayed in Delta at the Johnson's beautiful home for two nights.  I FINALLY  got my first John Deere Tractor ride!!  Jace's parents spoiled us with yummy food, took us to a movie, and had a bread making class with us and showed us how to use our new Bosch!! We are so grateful that the Johnson's have been so willing to share their son with us and let him be our 13th child:) 

 Jace and I on my 1st tractor ride

When Jace and his family came down to visit his mission I couldn't help but bond with a couple of his nieces!  So of course we had some fun while we were there!
 Janie and I
 Janie, Addi, and I

We had some fun trying to find some birds to such luck though!
 i LOVE this pics of Jace and Brandon
 Jace's little brother, Tanner, is one funny kid!!


On our way home we decided to drive through Zion's National Park.  I'm so glad we did.  It was beautiful even in the dead of winter...can't imagine what it looks like in summer!

A big Thank you to my hubby for giving me the BEST Christmas present a girl could ask for!  You truly are my best friend and I LOVE spending time with you.  Thank you for loving me in spite of  my imperfections, weaknesses, and downfalls.  I couldn't have found anyone better suited for me.