Monday, November 17, 2014

Utah Trip...Johnson's homecoming!

 We went up the end of October to visit Brandon's parents and to go to Elder Johnson's homecoming.  We had a lot of fun!!  Jace(Elder Johnson) gave an amazing homecoming talk and it was fun to meet his family. 

 After Jace's Homecoming luncheon

The night before we came home we went outside Cedar City and made tinfoil dinners.  It was FREEZING but still a lot of fun!!
 the kids loved playing on the rocks
 you're never too old to swing with your kids!  i guess i'm still a kid at heart!
 crazy kids
 Maron and I
 Yes...I made brandon get a picture with me!
 Emily, morgon, and miles
 beautiful eva
 Dad Martineau and Brandon....fixing the worlds problems
 I thought this tire was so cool!
 Our yummy tinfoil dinners

One of the days we were up there we took the kids to the St. George Temple to do baptisms.  It was a great experience and it was fun to have Jace join us!
 I can't lie...this kid is my favorite!!
 We love having our oldest five able to to do baptisms

After Jace's homecoming we got to meet the Strong family...their son is currently serving here in Heber and they drove 4 hours one way to come to Jace's homecoming and to pick up some stuff we had taken up to them since he is heading home soon.  It was great to meet them!!
 Strong Family
  Jace and I after his homecoming

Also while we were there we took the kids to watch 'Meet the Mormons'.  Such a great show!!
 I'm not sure why paul and mallori look scared

 Miles swinging
 Eva, Dad Martineau, Michelle, Mark, Porter, Emily, and Brandon...We stayed at Mark and Michelle's house and it was great to spend time with them!!!

We got to bring Jace back home with us for a week and our road trip back was more than fun!! 

Happy Birthday Morgon...

Morgon turned 9 on October 20th.  I cannot believe he is already 9!!  Morgon is seriously one of the funniest kids I know.  He is always speaking in other languages and knows how to flip you off in 5 different languages.  Makes a mother proud!!  He either has us laughing or pulling our hair out!!  We are so grateful Heavenly Father sent him to our family!!

Happy Birthday Morgon Lane!!! We love you!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

happy 12th to Amelia!!!

 Okay so it's been over a month since this beautiful daughter of ours turned 12!!  We can hardly believe she is in young womens.  It seems as if it was yesterday we picked her up at the CPS office and she was a terrified little 3 year old.  We fell in love with her the moment we met her.  Our road to making her part of our eternal family was not an easy one and was filled with lots of bumps in that road...but we are grateful that she is ours and will forever be!!  We are so proud of the young woman she is becoming.  She has the funniest personality with a dry sense of humor and is always making us laugh.  For her 12th bday she wanted to go to the temple with her two cousins that turned 12 the same month...So as soon as the temple reopened we took them.  It was a beautiful day!!

Happy Birthday Amelia...WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!!!

 Amelia, Nate, and Tessa...cousins are the best!
 Tristen, Eva, Porter, Amelia, Nate, Tessa, and Michael
 The Martineau Kids
 Amelia has ALWAYS been a daddy's girl!!
 We love this girl!!
 I would like to think she likes her mom a little too!
I don't think she knows just how much we love her!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I hope they call me on a mission...

 I love the influence that the full time Elders have on our family.  I've always loved the missionaries...I think that stems from having 7 brothers that served.  I still remember, at the age of 3, watching my brother Dave get on the plane.  It had a great effect on me back then.  I'm grateful for worthy young men who are willing to give up 2 years of their lives to share the gospel.  I feel that missionaries can have just as much influence on member families as they do nonmembers.   Through the years we've stayed in touch with many young men that served in the Heber area.  I of course have my favorites, but then again I have my favorites with everything.  

My favorite just went home on Saturday.  Thank heavens he only lives like 7 hours away so we can see him soon!! Heber was lucky enough to have Elder Johnson serve here the beginning and end of his mission.  Our Maron has been in love with him since the day we met him.  Thank you Elder Johnson for allowing us to be apart of your life and for your testimony and example!!! 
We love our Elder Johnson!!

 Ask Maron who her boyfriend is..."it's Elder Johnson!'

 Always having a good time
 Deep in thought
 Elder Johnson has always had the ability to make everyone feel special...especially his greeny struggling companions!
 Saying goodbye stinks!!

 Miss Maron still has a hard time understanding that he has gone home, and that his home is in Utah!!

It was sad saying goodbye to this funny goofy kid...Elder Byington was one of a kind!!

 We only got to have Elder Baxter here for 2 short weeks.  We instantly connected with him as well.  At first he comes off as being shy...then he opens up and he is completely the opposite.  We were sad to see him leave, but we hope he will get to come back at some point in his mission!

 And then there is Elder Strong...he is currently still serving here and we love him!  He, as well, is so good to our kids.  He's a great young man and sets a great example for others!!!

2 months later...

 I feel as if the past two months have been a whirlwind.  But then always does!!  There has been some super sad moments and super exciting moments.  Four days before hitting the 2 year mark of my Dad's passing Chester Crandell, whom was another father figure in my life, passed away.  The news was shocking.  Then on my Dad's 2 year mark Frank Greer passed away.  Death is not an easy thing to filter through ones heart and mind.  My heart still goes out to these two families!!

 Chester Crandell's funeral

Frank Greer's Funeral

We sure were grateful to get to see some of our favorite people...Jon and Mandi Crandell...we just wish it had been under different circumstances!!

We also got to go to Amanda and Kimi's baby shower.  I have been so excited for these two sisters that were having the first 2 granddaughters for Ron and Melanie!(they just had em this week which I will post pics soon)

 We have got to play in some good rain storms!!  What is better than playing in the rain with some of your best friends??...I'd have to say NOTHING!!
 Taelee, Graci, and Maron(photo bombed by Miles)
 Miles and Rudger
Zach(photo bombed by Paul)