Saturday, October 27, 2012

Martineau Happenings...

 We've been crazy busy the past few weeks!!  

Here are a few of our happenings...

We've played with cousins!

 Gracilyn(aka Crazilyn, aka LouLou) & Maron...they are BFF's!!

We've Celebrated Birthday's!!
 Morgon(on the right) turned 7

And Amelia turned 10

We've gotten LOTS of firewood!
  I promise they aren't homeless...just dirty from the good ole woods!!

My hot wood cutting maniac!

We took Family Pictures!!
More fun photos to come with our Christmas Cards!!

Brandon Started a new job in Flagstaff!!
I love this man more than I could possibly say!!!

That is what we have been up to...
How bout you??!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Exciting announcement & preparing for Halloween!...

 It was exciting news when President Monson announced that young men can now go on a mission when they are 18.  Holding our kids back a year to start school has been one of the biggest discussions Brandon and I have had since being married.  I think we should hold them back where they turn 19 either right before or shortly after they graduate from high school and he thinks that's the dumbest thing he has ever heard! (Since he wasn't held back and I guess that's just a Heber thing)  He won the battle when it came to sending Porter, but I told him he wasn't gonna win with Miles...I was holding him back and that was it:)  So when the announcement was made he looked at me and said, 'that's it...get Miles in School on Monday!'  He proceeded to tell me that he had been inspired all along:)  I was an obedient wife and called and got Miles in Mrs. King's preschool  that week.  Miles was super excited when he heard the news!!

 Miles on his 1st day of pre-school

I am of course NOT ready for Halloween, my least favorite holiday of the year, but my kids of course still love it.  Even though I am not ready, little miss Maron has been trying out different costume ideas.  What do you think??

Not quite sure what she is suppose to be, but she's cute nonetheless!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Great White Hunter...

 I got the awesome privilege of going deer hunting up in Monticello, Utah this past week.  This was the hunt that my Dad was suppose to take me on.  As we got closer to Dad's passing he made my mom and Brandon promise that I would still go.  Going without him was a very hard thing to just didn't feel right.  Even though I knew I would feel him there with me, it was a harsh reminder once again that he was not here with us anymore.  We hadn't even left Heber when I broke down in tears and Brandon looked at me and said 'Do we need to trade in the gun for a box of kleenex?'.    I learned some very valuable lessons while hunting that I will forever be grateful for.  

Thank you Daddy for buying me this tag and for looking down on me while on this crazy journey called hunting!!

 Me and Mr. Dead Deer

 I am happier than I look...I hurt my knee while jumping up from the prone position after shooting  Mr. Dead Deer so I was in pain:)

 Mr. Dead Deer getting skinned...if you look close you can see the bullet hole!  Super glad I had a perfect shot and killed him instantly...not sure I could've walked up to it and shot it again. 
 My nephew Cache was my awesome guide.  He was super patient and fun to be with.  He is a pro at what he does and it was a little more personal having him be apart of it.  Grandpa made him promise he would find me the biggest buck this family has ever seen:)

I'm so glad Brandon got to be there with me.  There is nothing I'd ever wanna do without him by my side.  He keeps me grounded when I need it the most!!