Saturday, October 27, 2012

Martineau Happenings...

 We've been crazy busy the past few weeks!!  

Here are a few of our happenings...

We've played with cousins!

 Gracilyn(aka Crazilyn, aka LouLou) & Maron...they are BFF's!!

We've Celebrated Birthday's!!
 Morgon(on the right) turned 7

And Amelia turned 10

We've gotten LOTS of firewood!
  I promise they aren't homeless...just dirty from the good ole woods!!

My hot wood cutting maniac!

We took Family Pictures!!
More fun photos to come with our Christmas Cards!!

Brandon Started a new job in Flagstaff!!
I love this man more than I could possibly say!!!

That is what we have been up to...
How bout you??!!

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