Thursday, October 18, 2012

Exciting announcement & preparing for Halloween!...

 It was exciting news when President Monson announced that young men can now go on a mission when they are 18.  Holding our kids back a year to start school has been one of the biggest discussions Brandon and I have had since being married.  I think we should hold them back where they turn 19 either right before or shortly after they graduate from high school and he thinks that's the dumbest thing he has ever heard! (Since he wasn't held back and I guess that's just a Heber thing)  He won the battle when it came to sending Porter, but I told him he wasn't gonna win with Miles...I was holding him back and that was it:)  So when the announcement was made he looked at me and said, 'that's it...get Miles in School on Monday!'  He proceeded to tell me that he had been inspired all along:)  I was an obedient wife and called and got Miles in Mrs. King's preschool  that week.  Miles was super excited when he heard the news!!

 Miles on his 1st day of pre-school

I am of course NOT ready for Halloween, my least favorite holiday of the year, but my kids of course still love it.  Even though I am not ready, little miss Maron has been trying out different costume ideas.  What do you think??

Not quite sure what she is suppose to be, but she's cute nonetheless!!!


debrajo said...

I know! I totally struggled with the idea, too, of whether or not I should hold my boys with Summer birthdays back a year because of the mission, "and sports". ; ) It's totally a Mormon culture thing. But we sent Tyson to Kinder this year because he was so ready and I was just planning to have my extra year with him after his Senior year of high school...but looks like he could leave right away, now. I am happy for the announcement so that he doesn't feel "in limbo" waiting for a year after HS, but at the same time, I'm a little sad, too, because I feel like I'm getting one less year with my baby. Haha!

GO MILES! He'll do GREAT in preschool! I love his adorable face! And tell Maron she's got to wear the wig AND the teeth on Halloween! What a beautiful girl!

Summer Haws said...

Love the green teeth and wig as well! She can definitely work it! It was so great getting to see you the other weekend! You are so beautiful and I miss you so much!