Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Was it Worth it?

 This is what you get after 6 days of camping...
 Family Room

Laundry Room

We went camping for the Martineau Family Reunion this year...WAS IT WORTH IT??

(Pictures of the actual reunion to be posted when the house is clean and laundry is DONE!!)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Yanni Concert...

 When we heard Yanni was coming to Phoenix my dad had expressed the desire to go to his concert.  So Brandon and I bought 6 tickets hoping my dad would be feeling well enough to go with us.  The Friday before the concert my dad called and said he wasn't feeling up to it:(  My niece Lauren and her boyfriend Christian got to take the extra tickets.  I had gone to a Yanni concert before back when I was living in Utah going to college and had forgotten what an amazing show he puts on!!  It was great music and great company!

 Ben & Tara

 Lauren & Christian

Brandon & I

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When the Family Gets Together...

 Pictures Get Taken...ESPECIALLY if Aunt Tiff is around!!  This year pictures were actually requested by my Mom and people actually cooperated a tad more.  I believe soon enough these pictures will mean more than in years past!

 G & G Tenney with all of their grandkids but the two serving missions!

 Ron & Melanie's BeAuTiFuL girls!!...Maryssa, Jessica, Emma, Amanda, and Kim

 Great G & G Tenney with their 6 Great-Grandkids!

 Dad & Mom with us kids...I believe Shane and Shaun would've fit nicely standing on each end!

 The Boys with Dad

 Daddy and his girls!

 We LOVE our DAD!

 Cheesy Face Maron and Her PaPa...oh how she loves him!

G & G Tenney with ALL of their Greats & Grands(and grands spouses and soon to be spouse:)...except the two missionaries and Alvin who were greatly missed!

I have been Extremely Blessed with an Amazing Family!!  I love you all and am grateful for the time I get to spend with each of you!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sound of Freedom...

 Have you ever heard the sound of Freedom?  I have!!  I wake up to it every 4th of July Saturday morning!!  To me it's the BEST part of the Heber/Overgaard 4th Celebration!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sound of an Anvil!!...I would like to thank the AWESOME Les Parham and his partners in crime for their time and effort in making the fireworks so amazing!!  I hope they know how much we truly appreciate them!!

This year for the 4th weekend it was our Tenney Family Reunion.  It was fun filled and crazy busy!!  My dad was the Grand Marshall in the parade so we decided to have a Family Float!  I haven't been to the parade in YEARS and it was a lot of fun to see people and to actually see that we had more than 1 float in the parade this year!!  It was AMAZING to see the amount of people that actually go to the parade!!  I might just have to go in years to come!! 

 The Grand Marshall Truck

 The Grand Marshall and his Sweetheart!

 Tim riding a pink 4-wheeler...this got a lot of people's attention!:)

 For our float we did 'Don't be a Stick in the Mud...Celebrate AZ 100th Birthday!'...we filled a trailer with muddy water and the older grand kids got in and got all muddy.  

Emma, Cody, and Macky getting muddy!

After the parade we continued the reunion at Jami's with a fun bounce house and slide and just chilaxin and visiting!

 Amelia, Zach, and Tyton

Morgon and Mallori going down the slide!

 Lydia and Rudgar having a drink!

Aunt Chris, Grandma Colleen, and Aunt Diane...waiting for the fireworks!

 Jake, Jody, Ron, Trav, and Ben...I'm sure talking about sports!

 Kim & Rory

 Maryssa and Torri...such good girls!

 David and Amanda

 Klyde and Jessi

Maron having fun playing!
Before dinner and fireworks, Ron had my dad tell all the grand kids some stories that he always told us growing up. We made sure to record them so we have them in the future!

 Ron, Kolten, Dad, Madden, Amanda, & Ryker...a 4 generation picture!

 Dad & Jake

 My awesome parents...waiting for the firework show to start!

 Me and my Dad

BIG THANKS to RON and MELANIE and their FAMILY for putting on such an awesome family reunion!!  We love you guys!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Good Friends=Good Times...

 We had the Petty's come visit us last week and it's always a good time when they are around!!  We wish they didn't live so far away so we could see them more often!!  We decided to go out shooting while they were here and we had a great time!!

 Me...Trying to get use to my new gun!
 Brandon and Miles...Miles put his face a little too close to the hammer and got hit in the nose by it!

 Little John with Uncle Brandon




 our homeless looking Mallori





 Richard, Cherilyn, and Ryan



 Richard...showing off

Brandon, Maron, and Richard

Tristen, Eva, Michael, Porter and I have been taking Hunter Safety this past week and it was good to go out and shoot and put what we've learned to the test:)