Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh My HELL!!

Ok so I had a friend tell me once that I should blog everything that I do in a week. Instead of a week I will give you a run down of just one day:) Here we go...

Warning: This is a little long...
4:15am Alarm goes off for Brandon to leave by 5:00am for work in the valley.
6:00 Miles wakes up and is ready to play
6:25 Alarm #2 goes off. Time for kids to get up and going.
7:30 Kids leave for school
7:35 get the four little boys cereal
7:45 put Miles down for nap #1
8:00 get Miles back out of the crib
8:15 yell at the little boys to get out of the cupboard since they just ate breakfast!
8:30 switch out laundry
8:44 texted Nicole about coupons (yes I looked the time up on my phone:)
8:45 fold a basket of laundry
8:50 talk to my friend Shawna for a couple of minutes
9:00 get little boys of of the pantry...again!
9:15 clean the girls room
9:20 break up fight between Zach and Paul
9:30 switch out laundry
9:45 clean boys room
10:00 get the little boys dressed and get them a snack
10:15clean our bedroom
10:30 vacuum back bedrooms and hallway
10:40 put Miles down for nap #2
10:45 talk to my sister
11:00 Talk to Shawna again
11:05 change two poopy diapers
11:15 fold some more laundry
11:20 Put on "Hair Spray" for Morgon
11:30 shew the kids out of the pantry again
11:35 put Paul on his bed for biting the crap out of Caden
Noon make lunch for the little guys
12:15 get Miles out of crib
12:20 call Brandon letting him know I am losing my mind!
12:45 put boys down for nap
1:00 restart "Hairspray" for Morgon
1:15 finish cleaning kitchen
1:45 start cleaning the front room
2:00 Jami and kids come to visit
2:15 Tenant comes by to tell me they are moving out(anybody know anyone whe needs a place to rent?)
2:20 little boys wake from naps:(
2:30 change poopy diapers AGAIN
2:45 Tristen comes home
3:00 Dad calls needing keys to transnation building, mom stays her to visit
3:05 kids walk in the door
3:05:15 kids ask for a snack
3:10 kids start homework
3:15 start cleaning dinning room and all my piles of papers
3:16 kids ask again for a snack
3:20 kids ask for a snack
3:30 Nicholas comes to visit
3:45 missionaries show up to ask who is feeding them
4:00 mom starts making cookies
4:15 Shawna shows up so we can go on our walk!!
4:48 get back from walking
4:50 visit with my parents and sister for a while
5:00 here a shattering noise in the bathroom
5:00.10 find Paul in the bathroom...had broke a light fixture
5:00.20 took Paul to his bed
5:10 get done cleaning up all the glass
5:20 put Miles down for another nap
5:30 chase kids out of the pantry AGAIN!!
6:00 make Quesadillas for dinner
6:15 talk to hubby, still working in the valley
6:30 give kids dessert
6:45 start cleaning kitchen
7:05 start baths
8:00 talk to my visiting teaching partner
8:20 finish baths and have family prayer
8:30 send kids to BED
8:35 FINALLY get Miles to sleep
8:45 switch out laundry and fold a batch
9:00 talk to Elder Page
9:15 Talk to Brandon and he still hasn't left work
9:30 talk to Elder Herzog
10:00 find out my hubby has finally left the valley to come home
10:15 eat some cookies (great for the diet)
10:25 start sorting socks:(
10:45 start blog surfing
11:28 sitting here writing this silly post and STILL waiting for my hubby
(Note: Times are not exact...just round abouts:0)

If you are still reading this than you obviously need to go find something to do. I wrote this, not for people to take pitty, but so that someday I can look back and remember...not that I will ever forget.

Now for a funny story about my little Paul whom I love so much! Today after he had broke the light fixture he got sent to his bed for time out. Well, silly me, I thought that he was still on his bed when i got a call from Jami and she was laughing. I asked her what was so funny and she proceeded to tell me that when she got home from my house Paul was at her house all by himself watching TV and had gotten into her cupboard and had eatin an entire bag of sour gummy worms. I swear I don't know what the hell I am going to do with kid!! (sorry if my cursing if offensive, that is just how I feel right about now!!!) It is a good thing I love the kid!

Paul's....OH CRAP I GOT CAUGHT look!

Paul's...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? look!

Paul's...I AM IRRESISTALBE look!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Elder Thornton and more Coupon Shopping

I haven't had time to blog in the past couple days due to a really sick baby and a husband working out of town. So I am taking advantage of a sleeping baby and a hubby that is home for the night!! Anyway, Monday night we said goodbye to one of our favorite missionaries, Elder Thornton. He got transferred to Mesa and we will miss him lots. He is such a good missionary!

We love ya Elder Thornton!!

Our goodbye picture!

Now on to coupon shopping...

Last night Shawna, Nicole, Kelli and I made a trip down to the valley to hit the sale at Fry's. I truly am addicted to couponing, but I think it is a good thing to be addicted to, it's much more healthy than chocolate:) All together we spent around $400 and saved close to $1600. What a rush!! I not only enjoyed the savings, but I enjoyed getting out of the house for a few hours. Thanks girls for the fun times and the many laughs! And of course, Thanks to an amazing husband who never complains when he gets stuck at home.

Here is a pic of my 15 passanger van filled to the max!

Now remember, this is a FIFTEEN(15) passanger van completely you know how many groceries that is?

(I really am humble about this!)

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Past Weekend...

This past weekend was filled with lots of events.

First off, I got to hang out with my beautiful niece Amanda on Thursday. She took pitty on me and went to Show Low with me. I always love spending time with my nieces and nephews. Then, we had a GREAT time going out on our Friday night date with our good friends the McLaws, Parrys, and Reidheads. We went to Payson and ate at Chile's, went to Wal-Mart, enjoyed each others company, and laughed and laughed!! We are SO blessed to have such AWESOME friends!

Saturday morning I atteneded our stakes womens conference. It was AWESOME!! Here are a few things I learned:
#1 - Patriarch Gillespie spoke on Patriarchal Blessings and getting the most out of them. I loved how he spoke of women of old and the important role they have had on this earth, starting clear back with mother Eve. I learned that I need to read my blessing a whole heck of a lot more!!

#2 - Sister Carmen Shumway spoke on visiting teaching. I learned that if you go within the first 15 days of the month then the Lord is with you while you visit your sisters, if you go from the 16th-25th he is only with you 80%, and if you go the last 5 days of the month you are on your own:)

#3 Brett and Shelly Caldwell were the last speakers and they shared their experience about her battle with face cancer. I missed Bretts talk, but Shelly's was amazing!

I am grateful that I decided to attend the meeting. It was exactly what I needed to get me through at least another 24 hours.

Now moving on...

After the womens conference we headed over to Courtney and Jake's house where we were throwing my niece Jess a surprise baby shower. She was completely surprised! We had a great time visiting and eating great food!! After the shower Shawna and I headed over to Bashas and then to Safeway to do some coupon shopping. We didn't get home til about 7:00pm. It was a much needed get away for me since my hubby had been working in the valley all week. Thanks to my hot honey for watching our crazy kids including a really sick baby! (Miles ran a fever all weekend so I got him in to the dr today and he has a virus. He has nasty soars in the back of his throat and has lost some weight. We hope he gets feeling better soon!)

Then Saturday night I went down and took some prego pics of my beautiful niece Jesse. I haven't ever taken prego pics and I had a lot of fun. She is absolutely beautiful!! We are so excited for her to bring little Lewis Jes(sorry if that's not how you spell it) into this world. He is going to be such a special little guy and I can't wait to get to know him.

Jess at her surprise shower. She doesn't even look prego!!
The quilt I made for's a lot cuter than the picture shows:)
Me and my beautiful niece Jessica
Isn't she beautiful!! (Jess, hopefully you don't mind me putting it on here!)
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Helpful Children & Paul's New Time Out

Why is it that when you want your kids to be helpful they're not, and when you don't need them to be they are? Today while I jumped in the shower I left the baby in the highchair with some Lucky Charms. I made sure to take out the marshmellows since they of course are too big for him to eat. Well...while I was in the shower Morgon comes running in yelling "MOM! MOM! Paul gave the baby more cereal!" Needless to say when I finally got out, most of them had found their way to the floor or had been eaten by the 4 three year olds. This is what I found. He had dumped over half of the box on his tray. I love helpful kids!!

Do you notice Paul's little eyes ? He was hiding from me:)

Miles COVERED in lucky charms.

Now on to story #2...

I was in vacuuming the family room when Morgon comes in and says "Mom, Paul is stuck on the drawer!"(do you see a pattern here? Paul getting in trouble and Morgon snitching on him) I said "Stuck on a drawer, what are you talking about?" So I ran in to see what was going on and this is what I found!! He had been on the counter getting a banana and while trying to get down, caught is undies on the knob of the drawer. He couldn't get off and it was the FUNNIEST thing I have ever seen!!! I am so glad we found a new time out spot for our mess maker:)

Look at his little buns hanging out:0)

Isn't that the saddest face ever? (this was after I told him I was going to leave him there)

When I had Porter a good friend of mine, Nancy Thornhill, came to visit me in the hospital and she brought me this book called "So you want to raise a boy" and she told me that she would babysit for me whenever I needed her to as soon as Porter was at least two, but she preferred three year olds. I didn't know what she meant by that, but now that I have 4 three year olds I know exactly what she means. They are a hoot!! If they don't have you screaming and pulling your hair out then they have you rolling on the floor dieing of laughter. I wish Nancy was still here with us cause she would LOVE coming to visit!!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I decided today that there are just a few things in my life right now that I am just NOT ready for!!

1. SO not ready for my little guy to be thinking he is SO big. He hates crawling on the tile so he stink bug crawls and we think it is hilarious to watch. He also has been pulling himself up to things and walking around things for a few weeks now, and I am just not ready for it all. He is my baby. He is suppose to stay small. Not only do I hate them growing up fast, but the faster they grow up means the sooner I have to have another one. And I am NOT ready for another one:)

My little stink bug
Already starting to get into everything

My Mr. Blue Eyes!!

#2. I am not ready for winter to be over. The weather has been so nice around here lately and it makes me sad, sad, sad! I LoVe the winter, the snow, and the cold weather. (I am ready for my kids to be able to play outside though:) I hope it snows at least one more time!!

#3. I am not ready for my husband to start working in the valley again! Work has been aweful around here, so the majority of his work has been down there. I HATE IT!! I love having a hard working man for a husband, but I do NOT like it when he is gone for multiple reasons!! I am grateful though that he still has a job!

#4. I am not ready to do my taxes!! We have an appointment to do our taxes next week and I am not at all ready. It is going to take me days to get it all together.

#5. I am not ready to do the 25 loads of laundry that I am behind on.

#6. But most of all...I am NOT ready for this man to be our new president. I know...ready or not, here he comes!! The man scares the hell out of me. I guess it isn't so much him, but whoever is behind him. But honestly the biggest thing...I am not ready for HER to be our first lady. I loved Laura Bush, didn't always agree with her hubby, but she had class. Lots of it. So my heart is kind of sad today.

Hang on America, we are in for a treat and a wild ride!!! May God have mercy on us all:)!!!!

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary to two AMAZING people!!

Today is Brandon's mom and dad's 33rd anniversary! We are so grateful for the amazing people that they are. Here are just a few of the reasons why they are AMAZING...

1. They are the most AMAZING year supply/end of the world gurus. My father-in-law even has cathiders in his medical year supply:)
2. They are AMAZING adventureous people. They have lived in AZ, UT, WA, Alaska, ID, HI, MI and Mexico, and I have probably left a few out. They love seeing new things and meeting new people.
3. He is an AMAZING hard worker. I don't think you could find a better tile setter!!
4. She is AMAZING at family history. I have never met ANYONE who has done more family history and turned in more names to the temple than she has.
5. They are AMAZING grandparents. Our kids LOVE when Grandpa and Grandma Martineau come to visit. Even if Grandpa thinks it is funny to torcher the kids...they still love him.
6. They are AMAZING parents. They are always there for their children and are great examples!!
7. They raised an AMAZING son:) I had to say that cause I am married to him:)

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad...We Love You!!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My family...25 years ago

I came across this family photo while looking through one of my photo files. It was taken approx. 25 years ago, shortly after Ron and Melz were married. Dave was on his mission at the time and I was only 4 years old! I can't believe how much my Morgon looks like me and I laugh at the styles and the glasses. My dad had a little bit more hair back then, well actually ALL of my brothers had more hair back then:) I have been blessed with an amazing family and I will forever be grateful for ALL of them!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

HERE!!!!...sort of?

K-funny story time...

Whenever we get in a car to go anywhere(even church) we always do a head count. I always start with Tristen and go down the list(not only does this help with not leaving anyone behind, it also helps you learn your kids' names better:)

Anyway, today after we got home from church we were trying to clean up a little before dinner and Tristen had left some of his camping stuff in the front room. I , being in the dinning room, and Tristen, being in the family room, I yelled "TRISTEN!!" and from the family room I hear, "HERE!!" as if I was calling roll.

My kids never cease to amaze me with their brilliance!!

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

All in a Days work...

Today we decided to clean our storage room out since it is the "catch all" room. We finally cleared a spot in the attic and moved all of our Christmas, Halloween, extra house decorations, etc. out. We have been trying really hard for the past 6 months (ever since I started couponing) to work on our 72 hour kits, 3 month supply, and our year supply. We are FINALLY starting to feel a little bit better about things. For those of you who don't think that coupons are worth it...I think you should think again. They have saved us SO much! I am officially a coupon FREAK:) I wish I would have taken a before and after of our storage room, but believe me when I say it is MUCH better!!

Thanks honey for always spending your days off doing my "honey do" list. I love you!

The left side!

Yes we are cheesy and took a pic with green beans and ravioli in the back ground

My honey rearranging the store room for the 100th time

The right side! (ps...all the toilet paper on the left side of this pic I got for FREE among many other things, all because of COUPONS!!)

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our little Guy

Just wanted to share some more pics of Miles. He is growing WAY to fast. Can't believe that he is over 7 months already! Makes me sad:( He seriously makes our home a happier place.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Zachary Dachary Doc

Just wanted to say Happy 4th Birthday to our Zachary Boy!! Can't believe that it has almost been three years since he made our home a happier place. Our hearts broke when he left us for a year and then rejoiced again when we got the call to take them back. We look forward to making him an eternal part of our family (hopefully some time this year).

Zachary when we first got him in.
Gettin in the bath with PJ's on

Love his smile!


Me and my Zach MAN!

Here are a few things we love about our Zach...
1. His LAUGH...totally contagious!
2. His SMILE...lights up the room!
3. He is a TEASE...he tortures EVERYONE! Including his mom:)
4. He is an awesome big brother!
5. LOVES to hang out with DAD
6. LOVES JERKY! (slim jims originals)
7. His sense of HUMOR...he can make anyone laugh.
8. Athletic...what can I say the kid takes after his mom...NOT!!
9. Loves PRIMARY
10. Is our DESTROYING ANGEL...I swear he gets into EVERTHING!


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Saturday, January 3, 2009

For Hell's Sake

Today I finally took our Christmas tree down. While I was putting my John Deere Tractor lights back in their box I accidentally broke one. When Brandon came in to take the tree out I was telling him what I had done when Morgon piped up in the back ground...

"That's cause you broke it for hell's sake!"

Brandon and I just busted up laughing. I couldn't get mad at definitely repeat what they hear:)

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GiRlS dAy OuT!!

My awesome friend, Mandi, was visting from Idaho so we decided to have a girls day out! We started off by having lunch at Grumpy Jake's(YUM YUM). Marcie and Charlene met us for lunch and it was good to hang with them. After lunch we decided to go BOWLING. I haven't been bowling in years!! It was a BlAsT!!! As much as I love my kids and hubby, it is always good to get a break occasionally.
Side note...I had barely got to Phoenix Park Wash when I got a call from Brandon telling me that Paul had climbed up on the counter and drank one of Nicholas' contacts:) Nicholas had stayed the night since Carly was having a "Tea Party" with all her little cousins and he had forgot his contact holder. I told him to put them in two little medicine cups and to put the up HIGH!! I seriously invisioned by boys getting them and drinking them. happened!! He put them in the window sill (obviously my definition of high is different then his. I was thinking like on top of the entertainment center or maybe on top of a shelf). Anyway, the kids were eating breakfast and Paul climbed up there and saw that they had water in them and drank one!! I seriously laughed my fanny off. Nicholas didn't think it was too funny!!

Mandi and I...Mandi - you rock!!
Tomena and Mandi

The final score!! Yep...guess who the winner was! I think that is the highest I ever scored:)

I am such a goof!

Beautiful Mandi

Tomena..."Why can't I ever get a strike!"

Thanks girls for the good time!!!

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