Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary to two AMAZING people!!

Today is Brandon's mom and dad's 33rd anniversary! We are so grateful for the amazing people that they are. Here are just a few of the reasons why they are AMAZING...

1. They are the most AMAZING year supply/end of the world gurus. My father-in-law even has cathiders in his medical year supply:)
2. They are AMAZING adventureous people. They have lived in AZ, UT, WA, Alaska, ID, HI, MI and Mexico, and I have probably left a few out. They love seeing new things and meeting new people.
3. He is an AMAZING hard worker. I don't think you could find a better tile setter!!
4. She is AMAZING at family history. I have never met ANYONE who has done more family history and turned in more names to the temple than she has.
5. They are AMAZING grandparents. Our kids LOVE when Grandpa and Grandma Martineau come to visit. Even if Grandpa thinks it is funny to torcher the kids...they still love him.
6. They are AMAZING parents. They are always there for their children and are great examples!!
7. They raised an AMAZING son:) I had to say that cause I am married to him:)

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad...We Love You!!

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Jami said...

I absolutely love that picture of them!!! Old photos are the best.