Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Zachary Dachary Doc

Just wanted to say Happy 4th Birthday to our Zachary Boy!! Can't believe that it has almost been three years since he made our home a happier place. Our hearts broke when he left us for a year and then rejoiced again when we got the call to take them back. We look forward to making him an eternal part of our family (hopefully some time this year).

Zachary when we first got him in.
Gettin in the bath with PJ's on

Love his smile!


Me and my Zach MAN!

Here are a few things we love about our Zach...
1. His LAUGH...totally contagious!
2. His SMILE...lights up the room!
3. He is a TEASE...he tortures EVERYONE! Including his mom:)
4. He is an awesome big brother!
5. LOVES to hang out with DAD
6. LOVES JERKY! (slim jims originals)
7. His sense of HUMOR...he can make anyone laugh.
8. Athletic...what can I say the kid takes after his mom...NOT!!
9. Loves PRIMARY
10. Is our DESTROYING ANGEL...I swear he gets into EVERTHING!


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Grandma Ronna said...

I can't believe how big he has gotten. They are all so happy now. You guys do a good job with them. I am always so proud of your family. I always tell everyone about you guys. I love all the funny stories that can only come with large families. Love you guys Grandma Ronna

Shawna said...

Happy Birthday Boy!! He is such a cutie and makes everybody smile!

Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

oh Zachary... that kid is adorable. i hope he has a wonderful birthday. give him a kiss from me!
p.s i miss you..

Jason and Shay Johnson said...

What a cute kid! I love the pic of you and him. So sorry about not seeing you this past weekend. Patti had our time completely planned out. I was not gonna mess with her. We will be up in two weeks for Dustin and Lindsey's sealing! I heard that your Dad is going to be sealing them. I am so excited. Maybe we can go to dinner with our hubbys Sat night???

amanda.hall said...

He is so cute. And I just have to say that your posts make me want so so bad to be up there! I miss all you guys and I want to hang out with you. Ugh.

andygerij said...

He is so cute. Your whole family is. What a blessing you both are to have such big hearts. I am so happy for you. Your a great mom. I knew you would be.