Thursday, January 19, 2012

Each life that Touches Ours....

I am finally getting around to posting about the passing of both Grandma and Grandpa Martineau.

Back in October we got the word that Grandma Martineau wasn't doing too well. So we made a quick decision to make a trip to Utah over fall break. Since the kids didn't have school that Friday or Monday we made it a family trip. (which I have posted about earlier). A week exactly after we got back we got the call that Grandma Kay Martineau had passed. (On October 25th, 2011) We weren't sure we were gonna be able to make the funeral but pulled it off. Brandon had the privilege of being a Paul Bearer and I had the opportunity to sing. It was great to be with all of Brandon's family. This was the first time in a long time that my father-in-law's siblings were all together.

My father-in-law with all of his siblings & their spouses with Grandpa Martineau

Wayne and Ronna at the graveside

Brandon being a Paul Bearer

Brandon with his parents and all of his siblings.

We knew that Grandpa Martineau wouldn't be around too long after Grandma passed...Grandpa passed away on December 30th, 2011...just 2 months after Grandma. Unfortunately we were not able to make it back up to Utah for his funeral.

Grandpa Martineau and Brandon at Grandma's funeral

Over the years Brandon and I always made sure that every time we went to Utah we would stop by to see them. I had only known them for 10 years but learned so much from them. We will miss them and look forward to the time when we can see them again!!

This picture was taken about 5 years ago at the Family History Library in Salt Lake...They were ALWAYS doing family history!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vegas - Running From an Angel Half...

About a year ago my sister decided it was time to fulfill an item on her bucket list. I told her that running a Half Marathon was insane!! She looked at me and said 'it's on your bucket list just don't know it yet!':) I am not going to lie...I thought she was crazy!! Being able to run a 10k was good enough for me. Anyway...we got looking for a 1/2 that wasn't on a Sunday and finally found one outside Las Vegas at Lake Mead that was scheduled for January 7th , 2012. I'm thinking, 'oh plenty of time'!! Then as the event got closer Satan started working on me...filling my mind with doubt and telling me I was crazy and that I could NEVER accomplish this goal. I am so grateful I didn't let Satan win this time. With encouragement from my sister and close friends I was able to pull it off!! I even caught myself saying, "when we do this again...":)

A BIG THANKS to my sister...thanks for pushing me on those crazy long runs and for always being an example of determination and hard work!! I'm glad you had me put it on my bucket list too!!

Jami stretching out before the race!

Robbi and Lori toasting to good luck before the race!

Jami, Me, Shawna, Lori and Robbi before the race

Lori and I crossing the finish line.
I have to give a BIG thanks to Lori...she was suppose to run the full marathon but injured her foot about a month before the race. So she decided to do the half just as a support to me. I'm not gonna lie...without her I'm not sure I could've pulled it off!! She's my very own Jillian Michaels:)!!

All of us after the race

My amazing sister and I...WOOHOO we did it!!!!

Shawna and this lady. She did an amazing job and finished in just 2 hours and 7 minutes! Poor girl had to wait around for us an entire hour after she finished!

Jami, Robbi, and Lori

LOVE this picture!

Lori modeling our Race Shirts

We had to take a photo in our race shirts!

Us On the Strip...Shawna had never been to Vegas before so we had to go show her the strip. Thank heavens we just drove it and only got out for one picture! Not sure I could've pulled off walking the Strip:)

Thanks again ladies...LETS DO IT AGAIN!!!