Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

We never have been big on doing anything for the new year, but last night we had a great time with family and some good friends of ours. We started the evening off by going to the temple and doing a session and then joining my family for baptisms for the dead. It was great to be there with my parents, a few of my brothers and my sister, and a few of my nieces and nephews that were able to go. The temple is the best place to go to get away from the hectic world we live in! After the temple we came home and had our AWESOME friends the McLaws, Carly & Nicholas, and my sister Jami over to play some games and eat some food to bring in the new year. We had a great time! I couldn't believe that most of the kids actually made it until midnight!
Me and my HOT honey!!

Bruce & Shawna McLaws...thanks guys for coming over and partying with us! You guys are the best!!

This had to be the best part of the night. Nicholas, Brandon, and Bruce litting firecrackers off. They were like little boys getting into mischief!

All of us playing "Pit"! We had a great time!
Here's to saying goodbye to 2008:
2008 was a year of triumphs and heartaches. Through each one we learned valuable lessons. We now have a greater love for family, friends, and the gospel.
Here's looking at 2009:
I have tried not to come up with too many "New Year" they are!
1. Appreciate family more
2. Love more...fight less (no I am not talking about me and Brandon. I am talking in general:)
3. Attend the Temple more often
4. Work on year supply
5. Yell at my kids less and give kisses/hugs a lot more
6. Serve more
7. Save more
8. Get Healthier (notice I did NOT put lose weight...I break that one every year:)
9. Learn to like to read ( I hate reading)
10. Play more!!
We hope all of you have a wonderful and successful 2009!!
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Shawna said...

Hey thanks for the party! It was tons of fun but I haven't recovered from the lack of sleep!!

Rich and Lacee said...

Happy New Year Tiff!!! I loved your Christmas card!!!!!