Sunday, December 28, 2014

Annual Family Christmas Party...

 This year our family Christmas party was hosted by Jami and Tim.  We started a new tradition by having an ugly sweater competition.  I of course being a Bahumbug didn't even have the energy to think about wearing a sweater but it was lots of fun getting to see everyone in theirs!! Ben's was my favorite!!

 Partridge in a Hair Tree....hahahahaha

 Couldn't stop laughing!
 Gotta LOVE Ben and Tara!!!

 Of course my moms was all fancy

And then there was Dave's...
 Don't get much better than that!

 Jake and Courtney

 Jody and Chantel...loved Jody's son of a Nutcracker sweater!

 Jami and Tim
 Trav and Kalee
 Trav of course always keeps us laughing...I have the funniest siblings!!

All of us together!!  
I love this party more than others because no kids are allowed and it's just us siblings and spouses and my mom getting to bond and make memories!! Thanks Jami and Tim for the AWESOME night!!!

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