Monday, March 30, 2009

Who in their Right MIND!!

Who in their right mind would ever think that taking 10 kids to the valley for three days during spring break could be fun. Well...whoever actually had that thought is a MORON!!!! You know this past summer we had a great time on our summer vacation, but for some reason three days in the valley were PURE HELL!!!! Ok mabey not the entire time, but most of the time! The five entries I have posted are actually highlighting a few of the fun times, but here are a few of the DISASTERS:
#1 - Never fails that when we are at the zoo, some form of animal decides that is is mating hour. When we got to the zoo on Friday afternoon we were watching the big horn sheep and they were chasing each other around and around. Porter pipes up and says," look they are playing tag", and I pipe up and say "yeah they are playing chase!" cause seriously they were running around and around after each other, when all of a sudden the boy big horn decides to take advantage of the poor innocent girl big horn. The funniest part was Brandon saying, " oh look the boy has to touch the girl on the back with his hoofs before he wins!!"
#2 - Losing Morgon at Chick-Fil-A....what an aweful feeling!!!!
#3 - Going to Sweet Tomatoes and having Morgon take a dump in the urinal. Yep climbed right up there and let loose. I don't know what made me more mad...the thought of him sitting in a urinal or the fact that my 11 year old left him in there because he was too concerned about his stupid icecream that was out on the table melting!!!!
#4 - taking my kids to a movie that ened up costing us $118.00, yep $118.00, to get into. For sure the most expensive movie we have attended to date!!!
#5 - Caden wetting himself during the movie all over his seat!!! A BIG sorry to the person who sat in that seat next!!!
#6 - Caden wetting himself in his carseat!!!
#7 - Caden wetting himself in the hotel room.
#8 - Morgon wetting all over himself at Mi Amigos and stripping completely down and was found Buck Nakid in the bathroom.
#9 - The endless fighting over where to eat, who sits where, and who is touching who!!!
#10 - Having my niece Tessa puke ALL over my feet and then having to help clean it all up!!!
#11 - I could keep going...but I know you get the POINT!!!
I am not sure how soon we will attempt a get away with our kids again. All I gotta say is that it is a good thing we love them!!!!!
Now on to the good parts.....
Friday we went to the zoo! We had a good time and didn't even lose anybody! It was a BEAUtiful day and the kids had fun!

Miles chillen on the back of the stroller

Brandon explaining how some animal does a certain something for a certain reason...he is so stinking smart!

The gang at the zoo!

Miles had had enough fun for the day!

Morgon and Paul checking the monkeys out.

Morgon being a monkey!

Caden. Zach, and Paul looking at something!

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Deni said...

Tiffani, I love your family! The fact that you can even have 10 kids is admirable to me. I can sometimes hardly handle the 2 that I have.

You're doing a Great job!

Rich and Lacee said...

You're a BRAVE chicka! Did you say you came to the Valley?!

cturley said...

I can't stop laughing at this. I only have 3 kids to deal with I sure do admire you!

Jami said...

Why go to a zoo - when you feel your life is one!!! Sister - you amaze me, what a fun, BRAVE, mom you are to adventure off and make memories. They will be forever grateful to you!!

Amber & Glenn Lovelace said...

You are a crazy lady! You deserve a day at the spa.. Mothers Day is coming up! Thanks for your comment. Yes, can you believe Jena is getting married.. I mean really? Ha, that makes me feel old so I can only imagine how you feel. :) Your kids are so cute.. Before you know it one of them will be getting hitched.. YIKES!

DeAnne Baum said...

Oh, my heavens! I can't imagine what you go thru everyday. You seriously get the mother of the year award! I stress with 2, I can't even imagine. I think they would have to put me in a lunny bin! Your kids will look back and appreciate all the memories you are giving them.

Marinda said...

Tiff you guys are amazing. Reese and I would have packed up after number 3 or 4 and went on home.

Mills Family said...

WoW! You are a brave one. I've never known anyone with more funny family stories than you. You amaze me, I know I couldn't handle it. You are inspiration to me. Thanks for the laughs. How funny is this my word verification is "yea tif" How ironic

Matt n Jessica said...

Boy oh boy I promise never to complain about an outing with my 4 children again! LOL You guys are brave and great for doing what you do!

Travis & Kalee Tenney said...

There's some great pics're so good at that...oh wait, you're good at everything : ) Hang in there! Love ya!

brookb said...

All of your kids are adorable! You take great pictures too! I found your cute blog from my mom's (Lucie). Sure love you guys!
-Brook Black

The Johnson Family said...

all I can say is WOW!! did I say WOW??? you rock!

Lucie said...

Ok Tiff - I'm new at this whole blogging thing but I LOVE how it feels like you're right there telling us about the Zoo! - It's you - it makes me so happy that you discovered us and now we can stay better connected. I'm not sure how to do much of anything yet (except change the wallpaper, add pics, and write but I'm trying. Thanks for being you - that's who I love (and your ADORABLE family)!

beau.shaunalee said...

Tiff, it sounds like quite the 'break"! I'm so sorry about those disasters, but I am still laughing about the urinal and the movie seat! THanks for the laughs! You are a saint!!!

Ginger.... said...

I love reading about all the fun things you do. Your family should be in a movie!

Shayne and Chelsea Heap said...

Tiff, This is more than a little crazy...My wife knew your niece Jessica's-husband in High School and she was looking at their blog and then asked if I knew a Jessica Tenney! It is great to see that you and your family are doing well. Drop me a line sometime.

(ex-Elder Heap)

Elissa said...

Tiff, the answer to that question is NO ONE in their right mind would take 10 kids out like that...So I can come to only one conclusion. You are crazy. Ok, really you're awesome. If I had 10 kids I don't think I would leave the house. haha. It looks like fun though, and it's very entertaining for the rest of us!

debrajo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! It's all joy, right? Joy in the memories at least, and not so much in the moment always, but "joy" nonetheless.