Monday, March 30, 2009

A good Part

A good part of the weekend was that I got to go see Jessi and Alvin and little Lewie. I FINALLY got to hold this little miracle! I went over Saturday morning by myself and spent about and hour and a half with them and helped Jessi with a couple of things. Then we went back that afternoon so Brandon, Randy, and Cythia could all meet Lil Lewie! Jessi and Alvin keep amazing me with their positive attitudes. They take turns being up with the baby so he has 24/7 care. You guys are AMAZING and I have learned so much from you! We love you guys!!

Lil Lewis with his favorite Great Auntie Tiff


Great-Aunt Cynthia with Lewis

Just can't get enough of him!
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Rich and Lacee said...

What a little miracle! We are so happy for Jessi and Alvin and your family! What a blessing!!

Deni said...

He is SO cute! I hope he continues to do well. I am amazed at the miracle of this little guy.

Heavenly Father is SOOO Good.

Dawna Greer said...

We are happy that he is able to be home. He is such a cutie. So precious.