Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Porter...

Dear Porter...

I can hardly believe that is has been 7 years since you entered this crazy world. Dad and I were SO excited to start our little family and to be parents. I never realized I could love something so much until they put you in my arms. It has been a blast watching you grow and develop. It is hard for me to believe that in one year you will be entering the waters of baptism. Dad and I are proud of the boy that you are. You are so easy going and fun loving and I would have to say the thing I love the most is your LAUGH! It is so addicting and contagious. Thank you for chosing us as your parents, hopefully we won't mess you up too bad:o) We love you and hope you have the best 7th birthday a boy could ask for!

Things we love about Porter:

His smile
His EyEs
He is a good brother
He loves to have cousins over, especially his cousin Trey whom he thinks walks on water!
He loves primary
He loves camping and fishing
He would invite a friend over EVERY day if we would let him
He is sweet
He is smart
He loves to read like his Daddy
He love to go to WoRk with his Dad
He won't go to be without kissing me goodnight
He would move in with Uncle Ben and Aunt Tara if we would let him
Says honest prayers


Porter 3 days old...snoozing with his daddy

About 3 yrs...look at those muscles

LOVES to be outside building forts and having fun

Always making us laugh!

Loves working with his DAD

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Rich and Lacee said...

Happy Birthday Porter! You're a lucky boy to have such a wonderful family!!

Deni said...

Happy Birthday Porter. You sure are a cute little guy.

They grow up SO fast!

Dusty said...

Hey Tiff, Brandon, and Porter. Happy Birthday Porter. I miss you guys and hope to see you this summer!

Tara Tenney said...

Happy Birthday my wonderful favorite nephew, but dont tell the others, I hope that you got to have your cake at 10 tonight and got to have all the ice cream and cake you wanted. We love you so much.

Shawna said...

Happy Birthday Porter. He is such a great kid!

Angie said...

What a funny kid! Happy birthday Porter.

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