Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Time at the Temple

Yesterday after church and before Grandma's party we went and spent some time at the temple just chillen. I LOVE to SEE the TEMPLE!!! I love that you mention the word temple in front of our kids and the little guys bust out singing one of their favorite primary songs.

Still one of my favorite temples.

This boy loves his daddy

Porter loves his little brother!

My new FAVORITE pic!!

Randy and Cynthia and their adorable girls

Thanks guys for possing for me!!

Another new FaVoRiTe. As soon as Miles saw the Christus he wanted down and crawled over to it. This is seriously what he did for like 10 minutes... just stared at him!!

The gang in front of the Christus

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tenney_fam said...

K-so now we know not to take pictures of me from behind! Sorry you had to clean up my kids puke.