Monday, March 30, 2009

Who in their Right MIND!!

Who in their right mind would ever think that taking 10 kids to the valley for three days during spring break could be fun. Well...whoever actually had that thought is a MORON!!!! You know this past summer we had a great time on our summer vacation, but for some reason three days in the valley were PURE HELL!!!! Ok mabey not the entire time, but most of the time! The five entries I have posted are actually highlighting a few of the fun times, but here are a few of the DISASTERS:
#1 - Never fails that when we are at the zoo, some form of animal decides that is is mating hour. When we got to the zoo on Friday afternoon we were watching the big horn sheep and they were chasing each other around and around. Porter pipes up and says," look they are playing tag", and I pipe up and say "yeah they are playing chase!" cause seriously they were running around and around after each other, when all of a sudden the boy big horn decides to take advantage of the poor innocent girl big horn. The funniest part was Brandon saying, " oh look the boy has to touch the girl on the back with his hoofs before he wins!!"
#2 - Losing Morgon at Chick-Fil-A....what an aweful feeling!!!!
#3 - Going to Sweet Tomatoes and having Morgon take a dump in the urinal. Yep climbed right up there and let loose. I don't know what made me more mad...the thought of him sitting in a urinal or the fact that my 11 year old left him in there because he was too concerned about his stupid icecream that was out on the table melting!!!!
#4 - taking my kids to a movie that ened up costing us $118.00, yep $118.00, to get into. For sure the most expensive movie we have attended to date!!!
#5 - Caden wetting himself during the movie all over his seat!!! A BIG sorry to the person who sat in that seat next!!!
#6 - Caden wetting himself in his carseat!!!
#7 - Caden wetting himself in the hotel room.
#8 - Morgon wetting all over himself at Mi Amigos and stripping completely down and was found Buck Nakid in the bathroom.
#9 - The endless fighting over where to eat, who sits where, and who is touching who!!!
#10 - Having my niece Tessa puke ALL over my feet and then having to help clean it all up!!!
#11 - I could keep going...but I know you get the POINT!!!
I am not sure how soon we will attempt a get away with our kids again. All I gotta say is that it is a good thing we love them!!!!!
Now on to the good parts.....
Friday we went to the zoo! We had a good time and didn't even lose anybody! It was a BEAUtiful day and the kids had fun!

Miles chillen on the back of the stroller

Brandon explaining how some animal does a certain something for a certain reason...he is so stinking smart!

The gang at the zoo!

Miles had had enough fun for the day!

Morgon and Paul checking the monkeys out.

Morgon being a monkey!

Caden. Zach, and Paul looking at something!

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A good Part

A good part of the weekend was that I got to go see Jessi and Alvin and little Lewie. I FINALLY got to hold this little miracle! I went over Saturday morning by myself and spent about and hour and a half with them and helped Jessi with a couple of things. Then we went back that afternoon so Brandon, Randy, and Cythia could all meet Lil Lewie! Jessi and Alvin keep amazing me with their positive attitudes. They take turns being up with the baby so he has 24/7 care. You guys are AMAZING and I have learned so much from you! We love you guys!!

Lil Lewis with his favorite Great Auntie Tiff


Great-Aunt Cynthia with Lewis

Just can't get enough of him!
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Havin Fun in the Sun

Saturday we got to swim for a couple hours and we had a blast. It was kind of scary how comfortable my kids were with the water. So comfortable that we had two about drown...not really, but still scary to me. Thanks heavens for floaties!!

My maniac Tristen loves swimming!

Eva lost in thought...or just lost!

Miles pooped out after 1 & 1/2 hours of swimming

Morgon...He took over the baby's floatie thing after the baby fell asleep. He was hilarious to watch...not afraid of anything!

Zach holding on for dear life

Paul doing a flip!

Porter is too much like me when it comes to swimming...hates water up his nose!

Miles absolutely LOVED the water!!

Brandon throwing Michael

Caden was the most afraid, but still did good!

My goofy girl Amelia.

Saturday afternoon Cynthia and I took just the girls and went and had some daughter/mommy time! Cynthia and I got pedicures and Eva, Amelia, Tessa, and Macie got their fingernails and toenails painted. I will have to admit it was quite the experience having Jackie Chan do my pedicure...ok so it wasn't really Jackie Chan but I swear he was his twin. It was pretty funny that when we got in the car the girls kept saying, "Fi want flowa fo fi dolla?"

My shy Amelia didn't know what to think

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Some Time at the Temple

Yesterday after church and before Grandma's party we went and spent some time at the temple just chillen. I LOVE to SEE the TEMPLE!!! I love that you mention the word temple in front of our kids and the little guys bust out singing one of their favorite primary songs.

Still one of my favorite temples.

This boy loves his daddy

Porter loves his little brother!

My new FAVORITE pic!!

Randy and Cynthia and their adorable girls

Thanks guys for possing for me!!

Another new FaVoRiTe. As soon as Miles saw the Christus he wanted down and crawled over to it. This is seriously what he did for like 10 minutes... just stared at him!!

The gang in front of the Christus

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Grandma Tenney's 95th

Yesterday, the final day of our spring break get away, we went to my Grandma Tenney's 95th birthday celebration! What a blessing it has been in my life to have amazing grandparents on both sides of the family. She is my only living grandparent and I wish I could spend more time with her listening to her stories and learning from the life she has lived. I don't know very many women who have endured trials the way she has. My Aunt Toni told me one time that she thinks my grandma could commit murder and still get into the Celestial Kingdom! I would have to agree!!
I have often heard stories of her faith and dedication to her family and to the gospel. She often tells the story of when they lived in Mexico when my dad was a toddler and how sick he got and she thought she was going to lose him. It was then that she went to the Lord and made a promise that if he would allow her son(my dad) to live she would re-dedicate her life to the Lord and to the gospel. And she did just that. I know that it was her dedication and example that helped my dad become the amazing person he is today.

My dad with all of his siblings
(back row) Diana, Lewis (my dad), Warren, Joe, Bill, Kem
(front row) Linda, Sylvia, Grandma, Kathy, Armeda
They took it easy on Grandma and only made her blow out one candle!

Dad, Grandma, & Mom

I love this picture! My dad kept harassing my grandma about my uncle Joe being her favorite and she gave him the nastiest look!!

Me, My AMAZING Grandma, and Brandon

It was so funny...we were trying to take this picture and my grandma kept looking around at all the kids. After we took the picture she said, "Well Tiffie, exactly how many kids do you have?" I and I said, "We have ten grandma." And she said, "well that is enough to make ME curse out loud!!"

Randy, Cynthia, and their girls with grandma.

My dad and his beautiful mother!!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tampon Rocket

Tristen got to hang out with me ALL day today while I went couponing. On our way home we stopped at Wendy's to grab a bite to eat, and while we were sitting there waiting for our food I heard this "POOF" sound. I didn't pay much attention to it since I was on the phone with Brandon, and again I heard this "POOF" sound, and Tristen making all these army noises. I look over at him to yell at him to be quiet, and there I find my sweet, little, innocent Tristen playing with a tampon he had found in my purse. He says, "Look mom! A ROCKET!!!" I serioulsy just busted up laughing, then semi-explained what those were for and that to his disappointment they were NOT rockets!!!

My kids NEVER cease to leave me SPEECHLESS!!!
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PAUL, PaUl, Paul

There are days that I absolutely do NOT know what to do with my little guy Paul! But on the other hand he always keeps me laughing~ Here are a few stories from the past week of Paul:

Story #1: Last Thursday, while CPS was here doing their monthly visit, we got a call from our Neighbor saying that she had a blonde boy over at her house saying that he "needed" something. Brandon didn't say much to her on the phone, since their case worker was here, and heaven forbid she know that we can't ALWAYS keeps tabs on ALL of our children:o) So Brandon left and when he got home he told me this...

Our neighbor, Cherry Delgado, had heard a noise at her back door, you know the noise like someone is trying to get in, so she went to her back door and found Paul breaking and entering. She opened the door and said, "can I help you?" and he says, "I need something!" and just walked in her house and started wandering around , walked over to her table, and pointed at a package of cherry tomatoes and says, "I think I need these." So she gave them to him and out the door he went. When Brandon went to get him, he turned the corner and there is little Paul, sitting on his tricycle(in the middle of the road) eating Cherry's cherry tomatoes!!!

Story #2 - My sister kept my kids on Monday so I could go do some coupon shopping. Anybody that has ever watched him knows that he isn't the easiest kid to tend. Anyway, he was being disobedient and got put on the time out chair. He sat there and was screaming and yells, " I'm gonna throw my shoe at your head!!!" Jami said she just started laughing.

Story #3 - Yesterday my sister was in her laundry room when Paul came in the side door and this is how the conversation went:

Paul - "where is Tyton's bike"
Jami - " i don't know. where IS Tyton?"
Paul - "i don't know. where is Tyton's bike?"
Jami - "What do you need Tyton's bike for?"
Paul - "Cause my mom said to go find something to DOOOO!"

Story #4 - Today we were outside and Paul had wandered off to Jami's. Jami went in the house to see what he was up to and found him in the kitchen stealin some chips, so Jami says, "Paul are you stealing chips from my house?" and Paul says, "NOPE, I'm stealing chips from your kitchen!!"

Gosh it is GOOD thing I love this KID!!!!!
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Porter...

Dear Porter...

I can hardly believe that is has been 7 years since you entered this crazy world. Dad and I were SO excited to start our little family and to be parents. I never realized I could love something so much until they put you in my arms. It has been a blast watching you grow and develop. It is hard for me to believe that in one year you will be entering the waters of baptism. Dad and I are proud of the boy that you are. You are so easy going and fun loving and I would have to say the thing I love the most is your LAUGH! It is so addicting and contagious. Thank you for chosing us as your parents, hopefully we won't mess you up too bad:o) We love you and hope you have the best 7th birthday a boy could ask for!

Things we love about Porter:

His smile
His EyEs
He is a good brother
He loves to have cousins over, especially his cousin Trey whom he thinks walks on water!
He loves primary
He loves camping and fishing
He would invite a friend over EVERY day if we would let him
He is sweet
He is smart
He loves to read like his Daddy
He love to go to WoRk with his Dad
He won't go to be without kissing me goodnight
He would move in with Uncle Ben and Aunt Tara if we would let him
Says honest prayers


Porter 3 days old...snoozing with his daddy

About 3 yrs...look at those muscles

LOVES to be outside building forts and having fun

Always making us laugh!

Loves working with his DAD

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