Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Morgon's Surgery

Morgon had surgery on his manhood parts last Wednesday. We thought that it would be a lot worse than it was. They told us that he would not feel good for a couple days and that he would probably need Tylenol with Codine...well, the kid was bouncing off the walls once his spinal block wore off!! I wish I had the energy that this kid has!
Note: Please do not ask him how his surgery went because he has no quams about pulling down his undies and showing you!!

Before the surgery!

After surgery...not so happy!


cturley said...

Hey I'm glad everything went well for him and you. I see your coupon books in the picture :)!! Love ya Tiff

Mills Family said...

what did he have surgery for?

Jamilyn said...

poor guy. Stratton had to have surgery down there as well right after he turned 1, i was amazed how well they bounce back. hope hes recovered well.

FerraroFam said...

Please e-mail me at It's an old friend hoping to reconnect. :)

Angie said...

Glad to here he is doing good!

Hey I will be up there the beginning of May (I'm hoping) I can take them then. I'll let you know for sure though ;)