Thursday, August 1, 2013

When I have grown a foot or two...

 We have been blessed with amazing examples for our boys.  I am so grateful that I have nephews that have the desire to answer the call to serve a mission!!  I love listening to my kids pray for their cousins while they're serving.  I can only hope and pray that my 8 have the desire to go!!  

Our favorite Macky left two weeks ago.  He is serving in the Boston Massachusetts mission.  UB is definitely missing him since they were best buds!!  Thanks Macky for your awesome example!!  We miss you like crazy but know you are where the Lord wants you!!
 Elder Slade with our gang
 Porter and Macky
Macky and Maron

We also had to say goodbye to our favorite AZ missionary, Elder Johnson, the same week Macky left.  Johnson is SUCH a good kid and an excellent missionary.   We are grateful that he was called to our mission so we could get to know him and that his home town is only 7 hours from here so we can still keep in touch when he completes his mission!!  Johnson is like our 13th kid and it was super hard to see him leave, but I'm grateful that he will be able to bless the lives of others as much as he has ours!!

Saying goodbye

Momma Tiff and Elder Johnson!!!

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Jami said...

We need to get copies of those pics and sent to him - he would LOVE it - thanks for being so good to him - Isn't it crazy that I miss him like crazy and he drove me crazy - haha