Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BACK TO SCHOOL!!!...A mother's independence day!!

 I am a horrible mother!!  I am not one of those mother's who are sad on the 1st day of school!  Don't get me wrong...I LOVE my kids and it saddens me to see them grow up so quickly, but I LOVE the structure that comes with school.  It seems as if our family goes to hell every summer and we can't seem to read our scriptures and we average family prayer like 2 nights a week.  With school comes a schedule that I love and the structure that we all need.  This summer has been a rough one...for some reason I feel as if Satan has taken up residency in the back bedroom and won't find somewhere else to go.  So here is to another school year and a little bit more sanity around this joint!!!

Happy Mother's Independence Day!!!

 My 5 Mtn. Meadows Boys...Mrogon, Paul, Zach, Caden, Miles
 Can't believe my baby boy, Miles(Kindergarten/Walker), started school this year!  He loved his 1st day!!
 Our two 3rd graders...Paul(Cronin) & Zach(Duncan)
 Our two 2nd graders...Morgon(Crandell) & Caden(Perguson)
 Our 3 Capps Kids...Porter(6th/Maner), Amelia(5th/Maner), and Michael(6th/Starkes)
 Tristen is a big sophomore!
 Eva is a big 8th grader!!
 Had to take a picture of Maron...she says she is in Baby School and that Mommy is her teacher!!
Mallori starts Pre-School next month with Mrs. King!!!


JENNE said...

I actually feel the same way:)
I need structure, but I get lazy about making it happen - if I am not forced! Love school!
So good to see you! I am so honored and happy you came to visit me. Love your cute family!

debrajo said...

This post is so cute! I love your kids--they all look excited for school!

Kristal said...

Love this post. It really is a mother's independence day. It's not just about structure for me. It's about my kids not driving me nuts and getting my house in some semblance of order. So here's a high five for school!