Monday, August 19, 2013

I hiked the 'Y'...and didn't even DIE!!!

 So my sister and I have these crazy things we call a bucket lists.  Not everything on my bucket list is on hers and not everything on hers is on mine.  We have talked each other into doing some crazy things.  Jami has always been an amazing strength to me in SO many different ways.  I couldn't have been blessed with a better example, friend, mentor, and older and much wiser sister!!  I love having her there to cheer me on while accomplishing things on our lists!!

Well...hiking the BYU 'Y' was actually on both of our bucket lists.  We have talked about doing it for years now.  I've always wanted to hike the 'Y' but I never had the guts to try when I lived up there going to college.  Anyway...My mom invited Jami and I for a girls trip up to Utah to attend my Aunt Donna's wedding.  So...we decided we were going to cross the 'Y' off our lists.  If you can't tell by how red our faces were(oh wait...our faces are ALWAYS red), it was a pretty dang good hike.  There were 12 switch backs(I named each one after each one of my kids) and a total of approximately 3 miles.  

Both Jami and I learned some valuable lessons on this hike.  

1.  It never hurts to be a little bit more prepared

2.  Do I discourage people on their Hike through life??

Story:  As we reached our last switch back and we could almost taste the sweet victory of accomplishing what we set out to do, I saw a lady coming down towards us.  In my mind I am thinking, 'here is a lady that just finished the task...I am SURE she will give us some words of encouragement!'  As we got closer I looked up at this lady and said, 'Are we there yet!!:)' and to my surprise she responded, 'Oh Heavens...this was the EASY one!!!'  I about died!!!  I couldn't believe her response.  All I needed was a little pick me up....a little something to help me get through the last 150 feet...but NOOOO!!  This is when I was left to reflect on my own responses to people.  How often am I guilty of tearing others down rather than pulling them up towards their goals??!!  Valuable lesson learned!!

3.  Don't be to prideful because you just might get slapped in the face!

Story: We had just celebrated reaching the top!!  We took our victory pictures and did some victory 'whoop whoops!' and after letting our lungs relax a little we headed back down the mountain.  We were SO proud of ourselves!!  As we were heading down the first switch back we turned this corner and all of a sudden had to eat some humble pie as we see a nearly 80 year old man hiking with his daughter towards the top...AND he was even talking to her.  Lets just say that Jami and I didn't do too much talking on this hike as neither one of us could even breath most of the time:)  It taught me a valuable lesson of humility.  Yes we can be proud of ourselves for accomplishing goals but we've got to keep ourselves humble along the way.  Lesson learned!!

4.  Someone can always do it better!

Story:  We were about halfway down the mountain when we see this young kid RUNNING up the mountain, stops at the switchback and drops down and does 20 push ups, hops back up and starts running again.  Jami asked him how old he was and he was a whopping 14!!  The lesson learned for me was that there will ALWAYS be someone that can do this hike through life faster and better...and that's okay as long as we are doing OUR personal best!!!  Lesson Learned!

I never knew that Hiking the 'Y' would have such a profound influence on me.  I hope to never forget the lessons I learned!!!

 Half way up
 WHOOP WHOOP...Jami and I at the TOP
 after the hike
Thank God for amazing sisters!!!


debrajo said...

Way to go!!!! The only time I hiked the Y, I was with my sister, Erin! It's the best way to go.

Exercizing always makes me feel humble. Haha! I'm cracking up about the guy who was running up the mountain and stopping to do push ups. Whenever I stop on a hike, it's so that I can catch my breath instead of dropping dead. Hahaha.

FerraroFam said...

Good Job Tif & Jami!!!! You should be very proud of yourself. It's always such a great feeling when you accomplish one of your goals no matter how big or small the goal is being able to cross it off your "bucket list" is awesome. I love reading your posts. You are seriously such a wonderful example, I am sure your parents are so proud of you. They raised you well! I love how much you learned while on your hike and that you are willing to share your experiences and lessons with your friends and family. Thanks for sharing and seriously; WAY TO GO!!!!!!