Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Quality Time...MuCh NeeDed!!

 Brandon and I and the Burns went on a little get away to Utah over the 24th of July.  I LOVE being in Utah for the 24th, especially when we get to go to the Ogden Rodeo!!  We had a great time staying in Eden, up Ogden canyon in our Timeshare.  Memories were made, friendships strengthened, and love rekindled!!  Brandon and I hadn't been on a get away in quite some time.  I love falling in love with him all over again when we go on these trips!(don't take that wrong...I love him all the time...but it just does something for me when we can get away!)

 Here are some of my favorite pics and highlights from the trip...

 Mike and Brandon chillen
 the view from our balcony
 Temple Square...took a picture of mike and his wives(inside joke)
 The four of us at temple square

One of the highlights for me was getting to see my good Friend, brother from another mother, Richard David Petty.  We NEVER get to spend enough time with him!!
 Me & Richard
 Richard's wife took this picture...LOVE IT!!

On the way to Utah all Mike and Robyn heard about was this Richard guy they were going to get to meet.  I knew Mike and Richard would have things in common since both of them were in the Army and both served in Iraq.  It was funny when it finally dawned on Mike that THAT was the Richard I had been talking about the entire time. 
 Richard and Mike
 Mike and Robyn
 Brandon and I
 These boys were hilarious getting fishing stuff...they were bound and determined they were gonna catch the biggest fish ever caught at Pineview Reservoir...they caught NOTHING!!
 Old Glory being flown in at he Ogden Rodeo
 Robyn and Mike at the rodeo
 Brandon and I

Another Highlight was getting to see our favorite guy in Ogden...Mitchel B Herzog!  He was a missionary here in Heber a few years back that we still keep in touch with.  Love this kid....we need to find him a wife!!
 Me and Herzog

The best Highlight of the trip was getting to attend the Salt Lake Temple to do Baptisms with the Burrell Family.  So glad they let us crash their party and let us join them!! It was a neat experience getting to be with Mike and Robyn the first time they attended the Salt Lake Temple.  For me...the Spirit was so strong and a testimony builder for sure!  Look forward to going back when we can do a session. 

We had a great time chilling at the lake after the Temple.  It was nice to just relax and not have to go anywhere.  
 Come on fishies...where are you??
 I swear there's got to be some fish in there some where!!
Robyn and I

There are definitely things we learned and things we would've done different. But over all it was a trip that was much needed and enjoyed!!  Can't wait for our next adventure!!!

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FerraroFam said...

How fun, glad you got to take a trip with the hubby and your good friends. It is always great to get away and have some grown up time. You look great by the way, gorgeous as ever!