Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Day...

 For the most part we had a wonderful Christmas.  I say 'most part' because there were parts of Christmas that I hope to never repeat.  I have to wonder sometimes if I am failing horribly as a parent.  Am I teaching my children the REAL meaning of Christmas??  Or do they think it's all about the getting rather than the giving??? 

We hope everyone had a wonderful and meaningful Christmas!!



 The kids lining up to head into the Family Room to see if Santa found them

 Miles with his Darth Maul Lightsaber

 Morgon with his Leapster

 Mallori with her bike

 Maron with her Baby Doll that she named...Baby Doll!

 Paul with his ripstick

We of course headed out to my parents house after our house had calmed down from the Christmas tornado!  We love going out to the ranch to open our Stockings from Grandma and to eat Christmas dinner with the Tenney Clan.  I am not going to lie...we sure did miss my Daddy!!

 Ben and Taelee

 Porter and Me...if you look close you can see the beautiful necklace Porter bought me.  He had found an ad with this necklace in it, circled it, and put a $100 in his Dad's wallet to buy it for me.  Porter is such a sweet and thoughtful little boy!!  
 Tessa and Porter (with Aunt Cynthia in the back ground)

 Ben & Tara
 Jami and Ron
 Dallin, Macky, & Brock
 Great-Grandma Tenney with baby Slade
 Lydia dancing with her fork
 Ciara, Callie, Brooklyn, and Eva
 Maron and Brandon...can you tell she's got him right where she wants him??
My beautiful Mother and me! 


Carianne said...

Such sweet pictures. Looks like your family had a wonderful Christmas.

debrajo said...

Don't worry, Tiff--you are teaching them about giving, because I know you. Just remember that it's not a total sin to enjoy receiving...because if it were, there'd be no point to anyone giving! I have to laugh at the background in some of these Christmas pictures. I never really thought about a Christmas Tornado x 12 kids--holy toledo. How do you keep everything straight? : ) Your kids are so cute, and that touches my heart that Porter did that for you--he's always been a good kid, Tiff. I still remember that he gave my little Tyson part of the airplane pack they were both bidding on at the family reunion.