Monday, January 21, 2013

The big 8 and Baptized!!

 Our crazy little Zach turned the big 8 on the 6th of January and got baptized that evening.  It's hard to believe that the 4 boys that I have referred to as the 'Little Boys' will all be turning 8 this year.  Zach was so cute all that day...he kept coming up to me saying 'Mom, I am SO happy!'  He has set a good example for the other 3 that will follow in his footsteps later this year!!

We love you Zachie Boy and are so proud of you and your decision to get Baptized!!

 Zach and his Daddy

 In his whites just waiting!

After the Baptism we invited everybody over for Cake and Icecream. 
 Zach and Quin

 He was so excited to get his own set of scriptures

Baptism of
Zachary Brandon Martineau
January 6, 2013
 Opening Song: I hope they call me on a Mission
 Opening Prayer: Tiffani Martineau
 Talk on Baptism:  Grandma Ronna Martineau
 Baptism of Zach performed by his dad, Brandon Martineau
 Talk on Holy Ghost:  Grandma Mary Tenney
 Confirmation of Zach by his dad, Brandon Martineau
 Closing Song:  I am a Child of God
 Closing Prayer:  Uncle Ben Tenney

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debrajo said...

That is so sweet! He's glowing! I'm so happy for him and this big day. What a special year for your family that 4 of your kids will get baptized. Amazing! 2013 is going to be awesome for you!!!