Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve...

 Dad & Mom Martineau came to visit for a couple days before Christmas.  We love having them here with us and it's always hard to let them leave.  This year for Christmas we gave them a quilt...I finally finished the one I started making them 8 months ago!! 

 Dad Martineau with 12 little helpers opening their present

My favorite part of Christmas Eve was when Dickie Brown showed up in a Santa suit!!!  This guy is hilarious! The funniest part is that Maron knew exactly who he was and said, 'Hi Dickie!!'

Randy & Cynthia and their adorable girls came and spent Christmas with us this year!  We love having them here...they don't get any cuter than these 4!!

 Tessa, Macie, Brielle, and Brylee

And of course our kids got their Christmas Eve Pajamas!!  

 The kids in their new PJ's

Love these kids!!

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