Monday, May 28, 2012

Never a Dull Moment...What is going on around here??!!

 Back on April 20th, Maron was outside playing on one side of the teeter totter when Mallori decided to get on the other side.  When Mallori pulled down her side it flung Maron off.  She cried for a bit but calmed down.  Through out that day she fussed a little but was still using her arm.  Well after a couple days of her babying it and crying anytime we tried to move it we decided to take her to the urgent care.  Come to find out she had broken both bones in her left forearm.  We felt HORRIBLE!!  They put a splint on it but we had to go to the valley to get a cast put on.  She was quite the little trooper and adjusted really well to only using one arm.  It always break my heart to see my kids hurting!!

 After the put the splint on it!

 Showing it off!  The splint starting coming undone before she got her cast so we had to keep a sock over it help keep it a tad cleaner!

 She did really well when they casted her...give this girl a sucker and she is HAPPY!!!

 Leaving the Doctors office!...she still has her sucker!


The day after we got her cast off, on May 18th,  Miles ended up knocking 3 of his front teeth out.  We had some friends over for a BBQ and we were just wrapping things up when he came running up to me screaming with blood everywhere.  He had tripped over our hose in the front yard and fell and hit his mouth on the corner bricks of our flower bed.  I picked him up and ran him to the kitchen sink not knowing how bad it was.  When I got him to the sink he reached in his mouth and pulled out one of his teeth and threw it on the counter.  At that point I screamed for Brandon and let him take over.  The 2nd tooth was just hanging there and after calling my dentist brother, Jody, Brandon ended up pulling it out.  As for the 3rd tooth we had thought that maybe it had broke off at the gums.  Well after we got him all cleaned up we took him outside to have him show up where he hit and sure enough there was the 3rd tooth laying in the grass.  Some might say I am crazy for saying we witnessed a Tender Mercy since he did lose 3 of his teeth, but the tender mercy was the fact that it didn't even fatten his lip.  He hit just right where it only knocked out his front teeth and cut up his gums a bit.  Had he hit sooner or in a different spot it could have been a LOT worse!!  We are grateful Heavenly Father was watching over us!!  All I know is that we have some AWESOME guardian angels!!!!

WARNING:   The pictures are pretty gross!!!

 This picture was taken before we pulled the 2nd tooth

 Here is a pic after cleaning it all up

 These were taken a couple days later!

I was dying laughing at this picture because I told him to hold his head still for the picture so he grabbed the sides of his head:)

Poor guy!



Kristal said...

Oh my goodness, I almost threw-up looking at those pictures!! I think I would have freaked out when I saw all that. Bless your heart! May no more accidents come your way for a long time!

cturley said...

Good grief!! Thanks for putting those pictures of Miles on here :) just kidding! Sorry you have had a rough start to the summer.