Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bucket List = 260 Trailhead Hike

I love having a Bucket List, but even more than that I love that my sister has one and always invites me along when she decides to fulfill hers!  She has always wanted to hike the 260 Trailhead which is at the bottom of the Rim.  It's a 5 mile hike that goes up to the 300 (woods canyon lake) Road and back.  She finally decided it was time to accomplish this so she invited some friends along.  We had a wonderful time and it is something I would definitely do again!!

Not sure what Jami is pointing to:)

Sandee Tenney, Lori Nelson, Marinda Parry, Shawna McLaws, Jamilyn, and Paula Blackburn

Group hug!

The view from about half way up the trail!

Marinda and I rock climbing...you shoulda seen our mad climbing skills!

Marinda, me, and Shawna...I've been blessed with amazing friends!

My sister and I...there's not a sister in the world better than mine!!

Lori once again excited that it didn't take us NEAR as long as she thought it would!!:)

The hard part was over...down hill from here baby!!

Funny Story...
So on our way down the trail Marinda, Lori, Sandee and I were leading the pack when all of a sudden we heard this noise.  We just kind of ignored it...but then we heard it again.  It stopped all of us in our tracks.  I looked at Sandee and said 'that sounded like a Bear!'.  I turn around to see Marinda running back to the other half of the group.  I just stood still and figured there was NO point in me running when I was the slowest and meatiest one there and would get eaten first!!  Sandee hopped up on some logs and looked down a draw but didn't see anything.  We never saw the thing, but I would bet my life on it that there was a bear near by us!! 


Jami said...

Great day - had so much FUN! Thanks for always being willing to fulfill my bucket list with me:-) I love you even MORE for that!! Oh - I need these photos on my blog - thanks!!

debrajo said...

Now you can cross being chased by a bear off your bucket list, too, because that's pretty much AS CLOSE as you're going to want to get, haha!

Glad you had fun!

Summer Haws said...

Looks like lots of fun! Great friends make like wonderful!