Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy 30th to One of My Bestest!!

(I am posting this a couple hours early since I don't want to stay up til midnight, and I have a crazy busy day tomorrow!!)
It was about ten years ago that I decided to enroll in a couple of classes at NPC. Little did I know that I would gain a best friend from that decision. Casey and I grew up together, we were in the same grade, but we were only aquaintances until we happened to be the ONLY ones that enrolled in the same NPC class. After that we became inseparable for over a year. I know that the Lord puts people in our lives for a reason, and the Lord knew I needed Casey in my life, and I would like to believe that she needed me just as much in hers at that time. So here is to remembering...


Do you remember when we would ditch class, since it was a stupid video class, and go to Circle K and get a bunch of junk food and eat ourselves into oblivian?

Do you remember when we got our ears pierced and I basically got disowned by your parents?

Do you remember driving around in your Mustang listening to "your my best friend" and singing at the top of our longs?

Do you remember how we planned our lives out...You were going to marry Nic and he was going to be a professional baseball player, and I was going to marry Justin and we were going to be poor ranchers, and we were going to live by each other?

Do you remember our road trip up to Utah for general conference?

Do you remember taking the missionary discussions at my house?

Do you remember that you decided to get baptized on February 14th while we were on our "we have no boyfriends" valentines date, and got baptized the very next day?

Do you remember when you called me scared, not knowing if you were doing the right thing, and I drove as fast as I could to pick you up and brought you to my house so we could pray together.

Do you remember when I called your house at like midnight sobbing that Justin had broke my heart once again, and you came RIGHT over?

Do you remember getting engaged the same weekend? And married a week apart? and having our first babies just 5 months apart, our 2nd babies a couple months apart, and our 3rd babies just a couple days apart?

Do you remember when we would stay up ALL night scrapbooking at the hotel?
Do you remember that beautiful day when you went to the temple for the first time and You gave me the awesome priviledge of being your escort?

I know that the list could go on and on!!! I hope you know how greatful I am for your friendship. I know that it has been hard keeping that friendship being miles apart, and we have definitely had our UPS and DOWNS, but I will always consider you one of my closest friends.
I hope you have a wonderful 30th birthday!! I love ya girl!!!

The night of Casey's baptism

The day of Casey's wedding

On the great Salt Lake while on our General conference trip.

Snow tubing out at Ward Ranch

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Porter Prodigies II said...

What an awesome thing to wake up to!! Ashly greeted me at 5am with a stinky diaper and wouldnt go back to sleep, so she and I got online...and found this. You have no idea how much it meant, I cried. Thank you. Yes, I remember all of those things, and yes, I know that the Lord knew exactly what I needed with you and your family.
Do you remember you coming to visit me at Chevron with Levi, Javi and BJ and keeping me company for hours, drinking hot chocolate?
Do you remember the hours we spent in your parents living room, laughing so hard we cried, crying so hard we .... cried. haha
Do you remember me getting things pierced and your dad seeing it while he was tearing out your hallway bathroom?
Do you remember helping me throw my dads awesome 50th bday party at the ranch?
Do you remember calling me nearly every year to congratulate me on my baptism? Or having me call you to ask what the dates of things were because I have noodle brain and I KNEW youd remember everything because you are truly amazing and an incredible friend! I still think of you every time I hear Tim McGraw sing that song, and I always will.
I hope you always remember how much I love you, and how special you are to me. You were the first to do many things for me, and again today...the first to wish me a Happy Birthday, and you started my day off juuust right!

Chris and Nichole said...

K girls thanks for making me cry! Casey hope you have a great Birthday!!

Jami said...

GOOD FRIENDS are like BRAS, supportive, never leave you hanging, make you look good and are always close to your heart!!!

I love this saying, it speak the truth!!