Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Girls Night OUT!

This past weekend was the Father & Sons outing, so us girls decided to go have some fun in the big town of Payson! I invited my sister and her two girls and we went and ate at Chili's then went bowling and of course did some shopping! We had a BLAST! The little girls were so cute and fun to watch bowl. Amelia took a little while to warm up to the idea of everyone watching her and shouting when she would knock the pins over, but Mary and Eva are both little hams and kept us laughing.
Thanks girls for the FUN night! Lets do it again SOON!!

Amelia, MJ, and Eva modeling their awesome shoes!

Jami and her two beautiful daughters, Carly & MJ

Carly getting her 10th strike in a row!!

Don't ask!!! I get a little crazy when I get let out of my cage!!!

Poor Miles wasn't old enough to go with his dad, so he had to spend the night chillen with the ladies! He was SO funny, it was cosmo night at the bowling allie, and he LOVED the lights and kept wanting to follow the balls down the lane...He wore us OUT!
I assume that the Father/Sons went well since all of my boys came back alive!! Thanks to my honey for being man enough to take 7...yes I said SEVEN...boys out there with you!! You're the BEST dad EVER!!!


Brit and Summer said...

How fun! Don't you love hanging out with your sister...it doesn't matter what age you are. I sure miss mine, she is living in Washington now.

Chris and Nichole said...

How fun!!! All you girls are too cute!

Ginger.... said...

I have to say..... You are the best blogger ever! Thanks for being so diligent. It's so fun to read about all the fun things that go on in your life!!!