Friday, November 5, 2010

A BIG Day For the Cousins!

Last Saturday, October 30th, was a big day for our family. Chace went through the temple that morning in preparation for his mission, and 4 of the little cousins were baptized that afternoon.

Amelia turned 8 on October 5th, but with 3 of her cousins turning 8 the same month we decided to wait so they could all do it together. It was a great meeting, with great talks, and lots of family and friends.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Millie Bean and congrats on your baptism! We are SO proud of you and are so grateful we have the opportunity to be your earthly parents!! We love you!!

Me, Amelia, & Brandon

Amelia, Tessa, Nate, & Kimball...the 4 baptizees

The four cousins all clean and perfect!!
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cturley said...

That's so fun to get baptized the same time as all your cousins. She'll remember that day :)

Shawna said...

What an exciting day. Congrats!! Cousins are the best!!