Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh Michael!!!

This boy makes me laugh...

A couple weeks ago I was on the way home from Snowflake from taking kids to the dentist when I recieved a phone call from Michael who was hysterical! This was our converstion...

Michael...'MOM!! I was fluda fluda fla fla, and fluda fluda fla fla, and then fluda fla fla fla fla fla!!'
(if any of you have ever heard Michael when he is trying to tell you something, especially when he knows he's gonna be in trouble, you will understand that:)

Me...'Michael...I can't understand you.'

Michael...'MOM!!....(then he repeated the above)

Me...'Michael!! I don't understand martian...please slow down and speak clearly!!'

Michael...'Mom!!...I was jump roping at school and I didn't notice my glasses flew off my face and now I can't find them!!!'

My first reaction was to get mad at him for once again losing his glasses...then I realized what he said! Did he seriously just tell me he DIDN'T notice his glasses fly off his face?!! Then I started laughing!! Needless to was a true story. One of the teachers found them the next morning almost in the parking lot!!

Gotta LOVE this kid!!!

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cturley said...

You just got to LOVE kids & glasses :)

Ginger.... said...

Thats a good one! I get a kick out of Michael!!!

debrajo said...

Mitch and I are both laughing. He likes the part where you said you don't understand martian. : )