Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Big Fat Time Out...For ME!!!

I got to go to Time Out For Women with some of my FAVORITE women this year!! The past 3 years I have gone with friends, but this year decided we would try to pull off a Tenney girls trip. So my mom, Tara, Cynthia and I headed to the valley a day before TOFW started and did some much needed shopping and treated ourselves to lots of good food and pedicures. Jami and Carly came down just on Saturday and joined us for the day.

TOFW was of course AMAZING!! Here are just a few things I learned this year...

#1...I need to live my life as a Holy Woman...I have a LOT to work on!!
#2...Compared to others, my life is a cake walk!!
#3...Some times the worse thing that happens to us can actually turn out to be the best thing that happens to us!
#4...I need to make my scriptures my THERAPY!
#5...That in trying times...all we can do is just keep trying!

And MUCH more!

My Beautiful mom and I getting pedicures...I'm holding my niece Taelee who later got her toenails and fingernails painted!

Cynthia & Taera getting their toes done!

Taera, Taelee, Carly (doesn't she look adorable pregnant?), Jami (soon to be grandma:), Cynthia, My mom, and Me (not so cute pregnant!)

Carly & Jami

Thanks ladies for making the weekend so fun! It was a much needed break!

We missed the sisters that couldn't join us!!
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Mandy said...

EVERY year TOFW falls on a weekend that I can't attend. I hear such wonderful things about the conference that I hope someday I'm able to make it work.

How are you feeling? Do you know what you're having? I'm so nervous about having my son and daughter be so close in age, I can't even imagine how you've managed to do it with all your kids and still keep your sanity. You truly are a saint.

Shawna said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad you got to go. The day before looked great too!

Skousen Seven said...

Sorry to intrude on your blog, but I was on Jamilyn's and I just had to comment!
I am so glad you were able to go to the conference, it sure sounds like an awesome time-out! I'm looking into going next time.
I also saw your post about the fire board. Words do hurt and whoever goes on just what another person says is outrageous!! It is getting really ugly in the Lakeside Fire elections also. We have heard some pretty rotten things that people have done to each other and it is just sad. Dave and I have been talking to both sides and researching like crazy to get the right people in.
Good luck to your husband, I know he would do a great job! You two are such an awesome team raising your family:) (Mom keeps me updated on the Heber Town).

Nicole said...

I heard it was a great one! And you DO look cute pregnant:)