Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lessons of Forgiveness...

I must be needing to learn how to apply forgiveness in my life. I have never felt like I was one to be unforgiving. To be honest, forgiveness has come quite easily in the past. But for some reason the past few weeks have been full of meanness and I have found myself having a hard time forgiving others.

It all started with an email that was sent to people all over Heber, from an unknown source, totally bashing my husband and our family...all because he has chosen to run for the Heber/Overgaard Fireboard. It was full of lies, and yes some truths, but was truly hurtful. The following is the blurb about Brandon and our Family...

"Our major concerns are with two people running, Brandon Martineau and Jerry Call. These two have a special agenda. That is, to cut the tax rate for the Heber Overgaard fire district to the bone regardless of the consequences. The reason they want to do that is to reduce their own property tax bills. Mr. Martineau owns at least 8 properties / homes in the H-O area. Back real estate taxes are owed on all of them with tax liens on a number of them. Mr. Martineau was given most of these properties by his uncle, Lewis Tenney. Lewis Tenney owes back taxes on a number of his 60+ properties. Follow the money. Mr. Martineau wants the fire district tax rate cut to the bone so his and his uncles tax bill will be lowered. Mr Martineau has no qualifications to sit on the board. He doesn't have a job. He gets free money from the state ( close to $5000 / month ) for fostering children. You would think getting $60,000 a year of free money he would pay his taxes. What does this say about his money handling skills?"

About an hour after receiving this email, we received a mean phone call from a man I have never even heard of. This was our conversation...

Me- 'Hello Martineaus'
Mr. Clark- 'You people need to pay your taxes and leave the fire department alone!!'

He hangs up on me!!

I call him back...

Me- 'Sir, you do know that is harassment right?'
Mr. Clark- 'Yeah and I don't care...You people need to pay your taxes and leave the fire department alone!!'

He hangs up on me again!!

That is when I lose it! I start bawling!! Are there really people that are THAT mean and cruel?! I really couldn't believe it!! I was SO mad!!

Here is where I have to start applying forgiveness. 1st...to the anonymous man who wrote the hurtful email, and 2nd...to the wonderful Mr. Charles Clark whom I have never met who was so kind to call us up and be so mean.

It has been hard for me to do. But as I have read the following quote from President Hinckley over and over again it is getting easier. I WILL move on...and I WILL forgive.

"May God help us to be a little kinder, showing forth greater forbearance, to be more forgiving, more willing to walk the second mile, to reach down and lift up those who may have sinned but have brought forth the fruits of repentance, to lay aside old grudges and nurture them no more."
President Hinckley


Deni said...

I'm sorry Tiff. It is so hard to not get offended by people, especially when they send letters that bash our husbands. We received a letter last month from someone in our ward trashing my husband. It was really hard for me to grasp. I am also hearing, almost daily, about a lovely lady that bashes me and my husband on a daily basis to multiple ward members. It's absolutely amazing to me. I just want to tell her to STOP. Does she not know that it all comes back to me? Maybe she does. Maybe that's why she's doing what she's doing.

I hope for your sake, and sake of the community there that your husband is able to get on the fire board.

Hang in there.

- Deni

Marinda said...

Sorry Tiff it is because you and Brandon are so amazing. Reese and try to stay very ordinary and fly under the radar. Not the best way to contribute to the community. I hope things get better and you know how many more people love you.

cturley said...

Tiffany I'm glad you can forgove these aweful people. They don't know your business, they just think they do!!! You and your family are the best people around. You are doing an incredible job!! I say GO BRANDON!!!!! I'm here for you anytime!!!! I love you guys :)
Hang in there!!!!!

Darren, Felicia, & Judd said...

So sorry Tiff. There are a lot of mean people out there. They don't know your story or your life. You are an amazing mom and good wife. Don't let it get you down! Hang in there! You are taking the right path and being the better person...thats the true test!

Dawna Greer said...

Go Martineaus! This whole hate campaign will likely backfire in the hatemongers faces. We pray that common sense conservatism will conquer all!

Kristal said...

I don't understand how people can have the nerve to say such things. Hang in there. The Lord loves you and is aware of you. Remember that Christ suffered this and more, from his own friends even! Lay your burdens on Him and He will help you bear them. Love you!

donnabigler said...

Tiff, I only wish people would not cast stones when they know nothing about who you truly are and what you truly stand for. I love you guys and am truly grateful for people who work so hard to give needy children wonderful homes. I don't know or care if you are compensated financially. Are any of us willing or able to provide that kind of home and love.

I submit that anyone who wants to cast stones needs to walk a mile in your shoes first. I love you.

The Waites said...

Wow! I am so sorry. I would be having a hard time forgiving as well. The author couldn't even get your family relations correct so how he feels well informed enough on your personal finance situation is beyond me! I second Kristal's thoughts. The Lord will bear you up! We support you both fully and look up to you both as well as your "Uncle" Lewis! :)

Camille Parry said...

My heart hurts for you. I know you are a truly wonderful person, as is your husband. Remember that when you are doing the Lord's work, Satan, and those who chose to follow him, will try to discourage you. Hold in there and do not give into your anger, because if you do, he has won. You are one tough mother of ,what is it 13 now, and if you can survive that, what are a bunch of back stabbing, small minded, gossipers?
Love ya,

debrajo said...

First of all, sending funds to families who foster children is EXACTLY what our tax money should be used for--you DO NOT abuse those funds in any way at all & your family deserves them, as does anyone who's willing to take so many children under their roof...after all aren't the kids in the state foster program "OUR KIDS" as the people of Arizona? Shouldn't we all hope that "our kids" are getting the care that they need emotionally through loving parents & financially as well? I'm so irritated by that email because you are NOT people who abuse the system at all.

Second of all, I would like the person who wrote the email to try & raise 10+ children on that income & make ALL the bills magically fall into place when not only taxes are sky high, but when life happens. They have no clue the efforts you've been making to find work, etc. They don't know WHO you really are & they have no idea who your Uncles are, either, HAHA!

Brandon & Tiff, we love you & we are grateful that you are willing to take the leap of faith to step out into the limelight & serve your community. We know you are honest, hard working people who do everything in your power to fulfill your obligations & commitments & that you will remain that way. Hang in there! We'll pray for you to have extra strength!

Also, forgiveness doesn't mean you have to put up with that--you can protect yourself at the same time that you choose not to hold malice. I think you should seriously file a complaint with the police when things like that happen to help prevent them from happening again.


ashley broomall said...

i love you tiff! my grandpa always referred to this kind of thing as gorilla dust. just animals stirring up a hot mess of nothingness and lies in their pursuit of self interest. sorry that it happened to such a sweet family, but it means nothing about you. it means more about these people who are instegating it. the people who know and care about you, can just laugh it off. and i hope you can too. don't let their negativity bring you down because i think you and brandon are amazing and should be applauded...not torn apart. you're the best woman! :)

Nicole said...

You broke my heart! You are AMAZING (that's an understatement:) I love you babe!

debrajo said...

I just wanted to clarify for everyone that my previous comments were based on the premise of pretending that everything he said was true.

Heard that Brandon made the Fireboard, though! Looks like mudslinging didn't work--the voice of the people spoke! Yay!