Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tenney Reunion 2009

I'm not gonna lie... Our reunion did not feel like a reunion at all. Maybe it's because we see each other all the time so there really is never a BIG reunion when we see each other:o) I have decided to rename it the Tenney Family Three Day Come & Go. I absolutely LOVE my parents ranch, but it has it's pros and cons. The biggest pro is that it is FREE. It is amazing to have a place to meet to get away from the world, if even for a moment, and is a wonderful facility. The biggest con is that it is SO close that people have a hard time breaking away from their everyday lives to come and join us. It was kind of sad that there was basically only four of us siblings that were there the entire time. But needless to say, it was still a great reunion. I have amazing parents who have lead by example and that love their children.
Thanks Dad and Mom for everything you are!!!!
Here are some of my favorite pics...

Quinn..The birthday boy!!

Abbie Gabernabers(that is her nickname)...gotta love this girl!

Miles crawling out of the tent


Tristen looking mad...and there is a reason why!!!
Here is the story:
Saturday night the adults stayed up visiting and when Brandon and I went to bed Tristen was NO WHERE to be found!!!! We searched EVERYWHERE!! It was almost 1:00am and we had been looking for about 30 minutes and still hadn't found him. We looked at the pond...we woke Ben and Tara up to see if maybe he was there...we went and woke my parents up thinking maybe he had walked up to their house...we searched every tent...and pulled apart the big building (even looking in the refrigerator) and could not find him!!! Well after almost an hour of searching I felt prompted to look under the "Luv Shac" bed where Jake and Courtney were sleeping. So I went in with my flashlight, not wanting to wake them, (plus I had already looked in there earlier) and low and behold I found hime! Curled up in a ball sleeping under the bed. We still have not firgured out what and why, but we have learned that someetimes you just don't ask!!!! It's a good thing we love the kid!!
Morgon, Zach, & Caden chilling in their sleeping bags!

Baby Mallory enjoying sleeping in a tent!
Some of the grandkids waiting for their turn at the pinata

Michael TOTALLY missing the pinata!

Ok...funny story~ Brandon decided to fill the big kids pinata with little rocks. You should have seen the look on the kids faces when it broke open and rocks went flying!! Don't worry, I had a bowl full of candy that I threw at them!

little miss Eliza with you happenin glasses!

Miles thought he had his own personal kiddie pool...yep that is a dog water bowl!

Uncle Brandon breaking a water balloon over Mary Jane's head...He is such a TEASE!!!

Tristen pulled Miles around in a wagon until he fell asleep. Here is Morgon taking a turn pulling him!


Of course we love the pond! Brandon and Miles enjoying the cool water!

Paul & Eva

My gorgeous niece Brooklyn

Porter getting ready to jump in!
Champ & Ben loving the pond!
Here are my absolute favorites!...

Miles sitting by the dogs water dish again...

Miles dipping his bread stick in the water...

Miles EATING his soggy nasty dog water bread stick!! Can you say YUM!!!!


Lacee Herbert said...

What fun! Cute pics! I am absolutely gagging with that last pic! I can't believe you let him eat it....gag, gag, gag! What the....

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

HAHAHA Jared and I laughed so hard at Miles eating out of the kiddy pool...I mean doggie dish! haha
Sounds like a good time.

cturley said...

Hey at least you got some of your family there. Looked liked loads of fun. Miles was funny with the bread stick too.

tenney_fam said...

Hey no pics of your favorite sis-in-law.jk It is probably a good thing you didn't. Love ya and glad we could come to the reunion even if I did have to force my husband to go!

Shawna said...

That looks like lots of fun. I love seeing all the pictures. There are some great ones of Miles, love the doggie bowl. Glad you had fun!

Camille Parry said...

Looks like you guys had A good time. Love the pinatta idea! We updated our blog. Take a look!