Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America!!

We ended the week with celebrating the 4th of July, my 2nd favorite holiday!! I have an amazing love for this country and for ALL of the Men and Women who have given and still continue to give their lives for our freedom's!! I love Les Parham's 5:00am wakeup calls with the shooting off of the anvil. To me THAT is what freedom sounds like. I love seeing everyone in Red, White, & Blue. I love the Flag raising ceremony and that we actually have a moment of silence to honor those who have gone before!! I love seeing old friends who come back home for the BEST firework show in the WORLD!!


Our Annual Family Photo...don't we all look so happy!

The kiddos

Me & Mitchell B...showin off our talents!!

Me, Mitchell B., & Nicholas...I just love these two boys!!
Brandon just chillen!
Miles with his Glow stick!
Caden, Michael, & Paul waitin for the fireworks!

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cturley said...

Love the family picture, that's like the Turley's taking a picture:) So dang cute thought.

Shawna said...

Yes the picture is a crack up! It looks like you have a blast. We were talking wondering what the fireworks looked like on the other side of them from where we were???