Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Love To See The Temple!

Where do I start?...Friday was one of the most beautiful days I have ever experienced. I cannot find the words to describe how wonderful it was to go to the Snowflake Temple and have these six beautiful children sealed to Brandon and I for Time and All Eternity. It was amazing to have my dad perform the ordinance. What a blessing it is to have temples to bind us together forever. I know that our children were sent to us and that they were meant to be ours. I have seen the Lord's hand in these children's lives. It was horribly hard to have Amelia, Zach, and Caden taken from us for a year, but had they not left we would never had gotten the priviledge to open our hearts to Eva, Michael, & Paul. I may not ever understand why the Lord chose Brandon and I to take care of a few of his amazing children, but I will forever be grateful that it is us that gets to LOVE & CARE for them. They truly are a blessing to us and have changed us for the better!!!

Zach, Eva, Michael, Caden, Amelia, & Paul

Our Forever Family!

We are so grateful for those that came and shared this experience with us.

Those that were there...(not all of them are in the picture) Ron & Melanie, Tim & Jami, Travis & Kalee, Jake & Courtney, Jody & Chantel, Randy & Cynthia, Ben & Tara, Dad & Mom Tenney, Carly, Uncle Joe & Aunt Debbie, D-Jo & Mitch, Errin, Diane Dodge, Lori Nelson, Janet & Grandma Bowers, Elder Harris & Elder Dirsteller, Aunt Nellie, Aunt Kim, Aunt Debbie, Rikki, President & Cindy Farr, Tenney & Stephanie, Mitchell Herzog, Betty Ann Ellsworth (CASA), Ross & Tiffani Owens, Brian & Ginger Starkes, Shawna McLaws, & Tristen, Porter, Morgon, & Miles.
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ClayandAmeeHensley said...

WOW!!!I am sooo excited for your family..You and Brandon are such special people. I love the picture of the the kids all in white. What a special day for you. It gave me chills just reading the post. You are AMAZING!!! the white flowers in the their

Shawna said...

That was so cool. Thanks for letting me witness it. Everybody looked so cute in their white and did so good. I love the pictures outside the temple.

Amanda and Kalon Downing said...

wow, what a blessing to have all those children sealed to you. you are quite the woman, teach me how you do it, because my two string me out, but I love them so much. I am so happy for you guys.

Meg and Jeremy said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you and your eternal family! (I am Mandi Crandell's sister.) We will be finalizing our adoption this month and I am looking forward to having our own little girl sealed to us.