Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Since we aren't going on a family vacation this summer, we decided to take some money and buy the kids something that would HOPEFULLY keep them in our yard!!! It took Brandon about 4 days to put it together, the problem is that the days that he worked on it were about a week apart, so it was about a month before the kids could play on it. He got it done a couple days before the 4th of July. Needless to say....our kids LOVE it!! It has been one of the best investments we have made!!!

Step #1...out of #107

Step #23

Step # 58

Step # 100
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Miss Marie said...

Wow Tiff, that is awesome and huge!! I hope that it keeps your kids in the yard, lol. Good luck!

cturley said...

Wow, I know how long it takes to put one together. My boys went and helped Shanna Clark's family put hers together with a bible for instructions HA! I bet your kids LOVE it.

Jami said...

The slade kids love it - THANKS UB

JaredandKatie said...

That is so nice! It looks like a pic out of a magazine! I'm sure your kids love it!

Darren, Felicia, & Judd said...

What a good man...that looks like a pain in the butt to assemble!

Shawna said...

My kids love that thing! Fun fun!