Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ok so I think who ever invented the "SNOW DAY" needs to be SHOT!! I am the most horrible mother because I usually HATE snow days!! I hate them for a couple of reasons...#1 - I hate the mess snow makes inside the house (I think it looks absolutely beautiful outside), and I can't stand that you spend 45 minutes to get the kids all dressed up for them to spend 15 seconds outside before they start freezing, and #2 - I usually have to deal with it all by myself. Since my hubby is usually at work. But, today wasn't too bad for a couple of reasons...#1 - my hubby was home!! YEAH!! So he got to spend half the day outside with them. #2 - we invited our good friends the McLaws family over to have some fun with us. (So I got to stay inside with Shawna and enjoy some adult conversation) Our kids had a blast!! This was the first snow they got to play in this winter. I still had to clean up the mess though.

I seriously have NEVER seen a little girl that can stand the cold like Eva can.
Dustin McLaws enjoying an icicle.

Bridget McLaws enjoying her icicle.

Hey Michael...you know you would stay drier a lot longer if you zipped up your jacket...right?

What is it with the McLaws kids and thier icicles?

My little Caden man enjoying the snow.

Dad being a good sport. The kids were so happy he got to be home with them!!

Tristen and Nate dog!

Amelia just chillen

Morgon and Porter lovin the sled.

Poor little Zach and Paul got in trouble and didn't get to go outside and play:(

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sheridan said...

So cute, looks like they had fun... except Paul and Zach of course! ;)

The Reidheads said...

Oh Tiff!! Haha! I love reading your blog! NEVER a dull moment at your house!! My kids are feeling so deprived when they hear of a snow day! I don't so much miss the mud and cold but I do miss the beauty of the snow from the inside looking out!! Sure do love and miss you!!

Jonathan and Mandi Crandell said...

My boys LOVE icicles too. But I am soo ready for it to be warm again. Miss you guys.

cturley said...

I'm with you on the mess of the whole snow day. Love the snow but not the mess and the fight with the kids.

Shawna said...

Thanks for the fun, we all loved it!!!

Nicole said...

Looks like fun!!! Thanks for the invite!!!jkI wouldn't want o hang out with us either!!haha

troy and melani said...

oh man, i heard you guys got a ton of snow! yeah..i hear ya on hating snow. My kids LOVE it too, but its so messy and the wet clothes and boots gets really old all over the house! ughh!! but it is pretty!

The Johnson Family said...

looks like super feezing fun!!! I love the pic of your boys looking out their window...too cute.

Angie said...

OH how fun! They all look like they were having a blast. Poor paul and Zach I love that picture of them though.