Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where have I been...?

I know that it probably doesn't seem to you that I have been MIA for the past couple of days but I have. I haven't had a computer for the past three days and I have been going through some massive withdrawels. I have been having to go to either my sisters, moms, or my friend's house to use the computer. I am SO happy that it is finally back. Eventhough I might not have had a computer doesn't mean I have been just sitting around eating a tub of Schwans Butter Pecan icecream. (I do that even if I do have my computer:0) Life has been crazy the past few days. Here is what we have been up to (warning: one of the pics is kind of gross, so don't say I didn't warn you)...

Monday night I got to go and take some more prego pics, this time of my soon to POP sister-in-law Tara. We had lots of fun! I didn't know if I would enjoy taking prego pics, but I think i really enjoy it! Maybe it's because I wish my belly looked like this while I was pregnant:)
Beautiful Tata

Tara and little Quinn

Miles got to go on his FIRST four-wheeler ride...WOOHOO!! He loved it!!

Paul: (from the family room) "MOM, I found a TURTLE!)
Me: "You found a WHAT?!!"
Paul: "I found a TURTLE"
Me: "You found a WHAT?!"
So of course I had to come look at what he was calling his turtle and I just started laughing!! It was a shriveled up, torn apart, two day old grape sitting under the couch.

Paul's Turtle

Monday I heard the boys in making some beautiful music so I grabbed my camera. This is what I found. It was so cute, the boys were all sitting there with sticks, pounding them on the bricks singing a mixture of "I am a Child of God", "Book of Mormon Stories", and "Twinkle, Twinkle". I wish I had recorded it. is the NASTY picture:

Tuesday morning the kids were out waiting for the bus to get here, when I hear Porter yelling "Mom, Michael is sticking his tongue on the pole!". So I yell outside, "Michael, dont' stick your tongue on the pole or your tongue will get stuck to it and it will rip off all of your taste buds!"

Pretty soon I hear all the kids running toward the house yelling something. Porter comes running in the house yelling, "Mom, Michael ripped his taste bugs off!!" I started lauging at first that he said taste "bugs" and then I saw Michael and it all wasn't funny anymore. Here is what I saw...

His poor mouth was covered in blood. Needless to say we had a good talk on obedience!!

Also, Brandon hasn't been working this week and it has been GREAT to have him around. I wish we could afford him staying home all the time!! We have spent the last three days over in Taylor cleaning up Brandon's parents lots, which is looking good but has been a lot of hard work.

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Brit and Summer said...

You never have a dull moment do you? They need to do a Tiff and Branden + 10 reality tv show! It would be quite entertaining!

The Yarn Barn said...

hey tiff,
I am having my baby tomorrow and I would love to get some pics of him when he is like way brand new and naked ya know the black and white ones. Could you do those kinds, how much you charging these days?

cturley said...

Hey did you show your kids the "Christmas Story" Movie at Christmas time. I think that's the name of the movie.

Shawna said...

Poor Michael. Your kids are so dang cute, those boys are pricless together, making music and singing! It looks like Miles and DAD loved thier ride. What a great family!

Jason and Shay Johnson said...

Poor kid...hope he heals up quick. I can just see your whole clan watching him stick his tongue on the pole. Thats what family is for right???

Jonathan and Mandi Crandell said...

Poor Michael. But, on the bright side, I bet he won't ever do that again! I LOVE the pics of Tara. She is so dang cute! I can't wait to see that baby of hers.