Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday To An Amazing Lady!

Today was my mom's 64th Birthday!!! I am so incredibly blessed to have her as my earthly mother. I didn't always have the best relationship with her when I was a teenager, but after her barely surviving her horse accident, I realized I better not take her for granted any longer. We still had our struggles, but I came to appreciate her more after I left home and moved to Utah, and came to truly appreciate her after becoming a mother!!! There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't call her for some kind of motherly advice. I think she is amazing for so many reasons, but here are a few...

She has always set a good example!
I honestly can't remember a time when I have heard her bad mouth someone.
I NEVER heard her complain about my dad being away day after day to business and church meetings.
She always says the best prayers...yes they are kind of long...but still the BEST!
Is an AMAZING cook!!! (Why else would we look the way we do?)
She is an awesome grandma!
She is an awesome wife...she still dotes on my dad hand and foot.
She sews!
She is ALWAYS serving others.
She doesn't just visit teach once a month, it's more like 30 days out of the month...even in February.
Goes above and beyond to fulfill her church assignments.
Makes beautiful quilts!!!
Always serving her family.
Has an amazing testimony of the gospel and of our Savior.
She is the mom and 11 really cook kids!!!

This is my favorite picture of my mom!

Doesn't Jody look like her?

Me and my awesome momma!

My rad parents a couple years back!!

Mom I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! I hope you know how much I love and appreciate all you are! You are everything I hope to some day be! (Yes I know, that means I need to clean up my act)...I love you MOM!!!!

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Porter Prodigies II said...

Happy Birthday! I agree, she is quite an amazing woman. Dont forget that she ALWAYS makes everyone feel special, I always felt like I was amazing when I was around her, shes so very encouraging. Give her a big fat hug from us Denverites!

Rich and Lacee said...

Happy Birthday Mary! You're amazing! I miss spending time with your family :( You're everything Tiff says...and more!!!

Matt and Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom!! I love your mom and your dad so much! I will never forget the surprise I had walking into my sealing and there they were. They were the only ones there from Heber and they just made me feel so special for them to make the effort to be there. I don't think they realized how special that was for me. I will always love them for that and everything else they've done for me!!

ClayandAmeeHensley said...

I hope your mom had a great day.. I went to the temple the other day and I was so glad to walk in and see your mom and that beautiful smile. She always has been a class act and a great example to all around her..