Monday, May 2, 2016

FIRST World Championships...

 After the Robotics team qualified for Worlds we got busy right away earning money to take the team to the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, MO.  Brandon and I being the road trip junkies that we are, and wanting to save the team money, decided we would just drive them to MO.  Mr. Wade decided to fly so he didn't have to be away from Diana as long so he just met us there.  The drive was amazingly beautiful once you got past Amarillo, TX.  The team faced some challenges while there...they had their phones they used for programming get stolen out of the pits and they had their robot freeze up for the first time ever.  But even with that our team still placed in the top 12 in the World...that's right.. TOP 12 IN THE WORLD.  Super proud of these kiddos and am supper grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it all!! 

Pic of Oklahoma scenery, the lobby at the hotel, the FTC pits, and the view from our room

For part of the Team Activities we went on a less that stellar dinner cruise, yet it was still awesome to be on the Mississippi River. 
 Brandon and I on the cruise, the kids waiting to get on the boat, my favorite pic of the arch, tristen being tristen, another pic of the arch, Tim and I, and where we loaded on the boat

Another activity they had for us was Six Flags.  It was amazing..we had the entire park to ourselves.  The only downside was that since it wasn't its normal running hours there were very many shops and food places open.  But I did have me an amazing funnel cake! Richard also drove over from Kentucky to join us for a night and to support the team.  It was of course great to spend time with him!
 Richard, Brandon and I, Tristen, Sierra, Brandon and Jeremy coming of a ride, Tim and I with our face paintings, the amazing funnel cake, Tim and I on the only ride I would fit on, Tim and I with our cartoon drawings, and the whole gang outside a ride

Just some photos during and between competitions...
 Rooskie and I, Jeremy, Tim and Reed competing, Mr. Wade and Rooskie, and the boys competing again.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was just sitting out in the hallway between our rooms and hanging out.  We had so many laughs!
 Jeremy being goofy, Nicodemus, Tim, and I, some random kid that walked into one of our rooms thinking it was his...made us die laughing, Tim and his flask!!

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