Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trsiten, Brock, & Tim's seminary graduation...

 Hard to believe we have one graduating from Seminary.  Couldn't be more proud of Tristen.  So grateful he was able to graduate with his cousin Brock and good friends!

Brock, Maryah, and Tristen...Maryah surprised them and came from the valley to support them.  
 Tim, Brock, and Jami
 Me, Tristen, and Brandon
 This was the first night Tim had heard his mom's voice since she got sick in was super emotional!
 Me, Tim, and Brandon
Back Row: Tristen, Jennifer Maner, Jessica Reidhead, Ally Crandell, Samantha Despain
Front Row: Tim Batson, Devin Owens, Gabe Horn, Hunter Cochran, and Brock

Such a Great Group of young People!!

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