Saturday, August 15, 2015

Family Vaca + Porter Reunion = Lots of fun!

 This year we decided to spend our Family Vacation in St. Goerge, Utah in conjunction with the Porter Reunion.  Mom and Dad Martineau came and spent 3+ days with us at our timeshare and then we changed resorts and spent another 3 days at the Porter Reunion.  We had a lot of fun and it was well worth the chaos and the heat!!

 Chillin at the pool...we love swimming!!
Grandma and Grandpa Martineau watched the younger kids while we took our oldest 5 to do baptisms at the St. George Temple.  I love being able to take our kids to the temple!!

The Porter Reunion was put on by the Jack & Val Porter family.  They did a fabulous job and it was great getting to see everybody!!
 Top Left: Nic with his girlfriend Nicole and daughter Maddi, Top Right: Aaron and Heather Sulzer, Bottom Left: Reed, and Bottom Right: Ashley, Maddi, Lindy, and Mika
 Top Left: Taelee, Top Right: John Wayne and I, Bottom Left: Halle and Emmie, Bottom Right: Brandon(he LOVES family reunions...not)
 Top Left: Taralee and Taera, Top Right: Ron and Emma, Bottom Left: Madde and Taera, Bottom Right: Aunt Donna and Mom
 Top Left: Damon and Nicole, Top Right: Aunt Sandra, Uncle Dean, and Mom, Bottom Left: Taera heading to swim, Bottom Right: us participating in the family skit
 Top Left: Aunt Sandra and Uncle Dean, Top Right: Uncle Dean, Uncle Bernie, Aunt Donna, Mom , Aunt Barbara, Uncle Jack , and Uncle Lonnie, Bottom Left: Olivia and Brindi, Bottom Right: Shaunalee and Adelle

On our way home we decided to drive the kids through Zion's National Park..we had a blast letting the kids hike the rocks and play in the sand.  Such a beautiful place!!

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