Saturday, June 20, 2015

Visiting The Burns in Texas...

 Four of the kids and I took off on a road trip to visit the Burns in Abilene Texas.  We had SOOO much fun and the trip went by WAY too fast!!  We went to movies, ate lots of good food, I got to go to Dallas with Mike and Robyn, went shopping, and strengthened our bond!!  We have missed this family so much since they moved from Heber last year. I wish we could've taken the entire family but with Brandon's work schedule it just wasn't gonna happen. 

The Burns had just been presented their new home the week before we got is BEAUTIFUL.  I am beyond happy for them! 

 Their Home

We went fishing one afternoon at a lake nearby. 
 Uncle Mike and Porter
 Me & Robyn
 Uncle Mike and Porter
 Mike taught me how to bait my hook...Yes this is the first time I have ever had to bait my own hook.(He wouldn't take pity on me and do it for me:)
 Amelia & Uncle Mike
 I was the only one that caught a fish that day...and I actually caught 2!!  Mike also taught me how to release them...nope haven't ever had to do that either!
 Pops and I

Took the kids to the Zoo the last day we were there.  I was quite impressed with the Abilene Zoo! 
 Keyghan, Payton, Amelia, Ashley, Porter, Kayleb, Zach, and Miles
 The Gang
 The night before we left

 Crazy girls!
 Best Friends!!...Kayleb and Miles


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