Saturday, June 6, 2015

Taylor Stake Trek...

 I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I had to help with photography on the Taylor Stake Trek this year.  I have seen the Trek from a couple different angles...18 years ago as a youth, 4 years ago as an adult child, and this year from behind the scenes taking photos.  Each time it has blessed my life tremendously.  It was fun to get to watch my two oldest experience the Trek as well.  What a beautiful church we belong to that provides experiences like the Trek for our youth.  I will forever be grateful for the lessons I learned 18 years ago.(that post will come later)

I have a lot of favorite photos from the Trek but I can't share them just yet...I have to wait until after the Trek fireside so the kids see them for the 1st time then. 

 My two little Trekers...Eva and Tristen
 Kim, Kay, and Eva enjoying their last meal:)
 Tristen just waiting to start the fun
 The Heber Crew
 The whole crew

I had a blast hanging out with my longtime friend, Jared Hatch.  We have known each other for ever and it was fun to catch up.  Lots of laughs!
Jared and his drone
Through this experience I was able to make some new friends.  Heidi and Vic Chapman were the ones in charge of the Photography and asked me to help.  They are wonderful people!!
Heidi and I

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