Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Macky is home!...

 We love the airport experience when missionaries come home!  There is such a neat feeling and excitement in the air.  Thanks Tim and Jami for inviting us along and for sharing this special moment with us!

Welcome Home Elder Slade...We love you!!

 Nate was super excited!
 My favorite part is watching the mom's wait and then spot the missionary!
 love this
 and this
 and this
 Loved this tender moment between Grandma Colleen and Macky...she had never been to the airport before when a missionary came home.
 UB & Macky reunited!
 Loved that the young men went and I love macky's face in this pic
 The Slade boys
 The Slade Fam
 Good Buds
Macky with Grandma Tenney

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